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For information on the Annual Property Implementation Plans, contact:
Anne Reis-Boyle
Public Lands Specialist – Bureau of Wildlife Management/Fish, Wildlife & Parks Division
Teague Prichard
State lands specialist, Bureau of Forest Management

Annual Property Implementation Plans & Property Plan Monitoring

Annual Property Implementation Plans (APIP) and Plan Monitoring Reports share with the public and our partners the major scheduled and completed forest and habitat management treatments, recreation and infrastructure development projects and other property management actions. Most, large, multi-faceted properties have stand-alone Annual Property Implementation Plans and Monitoring Reports. Smaller, less intensively managed properties have management actions included in a department listing of habitat and development treatments and projects (see below). Annual Property Implementation Plans include scheduled treatments over the next three years. Treatments may not be implemented in the current year but under consideration for future implementation. Completed treatments (Property Plan Monitoring) will be shown for the three years previous to the current year.

Implementation plans include habitat restoration projects, timber sales, tree plantings, prescribed burns, invasive species control and recreation and infrastructure development projects including new or expended parking areas, trails, buildings, roads. All planned treatments and developments are approved and consistent with the property master plans developed with additional public input. Annual Property Implementation Plans do not include routine maintenance or minor actions including mowing, building maintenance, inventory or field surveys.

Comments on APIP can be directed to the property manager. When commenting reference the property name, compartment and stand number. Property managers can be found using the department's contact directory. For more information, view stakeholder involvement [PDF].

View properties with Expanded Annual Property Implementation Plans

Forest and habitat management treatments

This list includes all scheduled and completed forest and habitat management treatments. Treatments listed may have an older scheduled year that is still in need of completion or the data has not yet been updated. If a treatment is scheduled for a particular year, it may not get done in the exact year it is scheduled. It may be moved ahead of schedule or be pushed later depending on logistics and staff resources. Forest and habitat treatments will be completed, removed or added throughout the year so this list will change often. Selected pesticide treatments may be used under one or more general DNR approvals to manage invasive and noxious species including woody and herbaceous plants.

Note: A new mapping application is now available to view forest and habitat treatments (click the globe next to the treatment name in the search results below). For optimum functionality, use your desktop computer to view treatment details. The mobile version of this application provides limited details at this time.

Pesticide treatments applied on less than 0.5 acres will display as 0 acres due to decimal rounding in the treatment system.

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Forest and Habitat Management Treatments