Wisconsin's rare lichens


Gold-eye lichen, (Teloschistes chrysophthalmus), photo © Samuel Brinker.

The lichens on Wisconsin's Natural Heritage Working List are species known or suspected to be rare in the state. Lichens are a symbiotic combination of two or occasionally three organisms, a fungus and a photosynthetic algae and/or cyanobacteria. As such, they don't fit into the traditional definition of a plant.

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We currently only have species pages for only a few of Wisconsin's rare lichens but we will continue to add more pages as time and data become available. These pages include information such as where the species preferred habitats, where it has been found in the state and characteristics that may help to identify them. See the Working List for rank and status definitions.

Scientific Name Common Name Global
Ahtiana aurescens Eastern Candlewax Lichen G3G5 SH SC
Anaptychia crinalis Hanging Fringed Lichen G5 S1 SC
Bryoria nadvornikiana Spiny Gray Horsehair Lichen G5 S1 SC
Bryoria pikei Gray Horsehair Lichen G5 S1 SC
Cetraria arenaria Sand Loving Iceland Lichen G4 S1 SC
Cladina arbuscula Reindeer Lichen G5 SH SC
Cladina stygia Black-footed Reindeer Lichen G5 S1 SC
Cladonia cornuta Bighorn Cladonia G5 S2 SC
Cladonia decorticata Naked Cladonia G5 S1 SC
Cladonia incrassata Powder-foot British Soldiers G5? S1 SC
Cladonia magyarica Magyar Cup Lichen GNR S2 SC
Cladonia sulphurina Greater Sulphur Cup G5 S1 SC
Coccocarpia palmicola Salted Shell Lichen G5 S1 SC
Collema polycarpon Shaly Jelly Lichen GNR SH SC
Dirinaria frostii Frosty Medallion Lichen G3G5 SH SC
Evernia prunastri Oakmoss Lichen G5 S1 SC
Fuscopannaria leucophaea Rock Shingle Lichen G5? S1 SC
Fuscopannaria leucosticta Rimmed Shingle Lichen G3G5 S1 SC
Heppia lutosa Pale Soil Ruby G3G5 S1 SC
Hypogymnia tubulosa Powder-headed Tube Lichen G5 S1 SC
Lempholemma polyanthes Many-fruited Membrane Lichen GNR S1 SC
Leptogium arsenei Wrinkled Jellyskin GNR S1 SC
Leptogium teretiusculum Curly Jellyskin G4G5Q S1 SC
Melanelia sorediata Powdered Camouflage Lichen G5 S1 SC
Melanohalea trabeculata Trabeculate Brown-shield Lichen GNR S1 SC
Menegazzia terebrata Treeflute G5 S1 SC
Nephroma bellum Naked Kidney Lichen G5 S1 SC
Parmotrema stuppeum Powder-edged Ruffle Lichen G4G5 SH SC
Peltigera elisabethae Elizabeth's Felt Lichen G5 S1 SC
Peltigera extenuata Felt Lichen G5 S1 SC
Peltigera malacea Veinless Pelt G5 S1 SC
Peltigera scabrosa Scabby Pelt G5 S1 SC
Physcia tenella Fringed Rosette Lichen G5 S1 SC
Physciella melanchra Powdery Cryptic Rosette Lichen G5 S2 SC
Protopannaria pezizoides Brown-Gray Moss Shingle G5 SH SC
Pseudevernia consocians Common Antler Lichen G4G5 S1 SC
Pseudocyphellaria holarctica Yellow Specklebelly GNR S1 SC
Punctelia caseana Speckleback Lichen G5 S2 SC
Ramalina farinacea Dotted Ramalina G5 SH SC
Ramalina unifolia One Leaf Ramalina GNR S1 SC
Solorina saccata Common Chocolate Chip Lichen G5 S1 SC
Sticta beauvoisii Fringed Moon Lichen G5 S1 SC
Teloschistes chrysophthalmus Gold-eye Lichen G4G5 S1 SC
Usnea ceratina Warty Beard Lichen G4G5 S2 SC
Usnea diplotypus Beard Lichen GNR S2? SC
Usnea longissima Methuselah's Head Lichen G5 S1 SC
Usnea strigosa Bush Beard Lichen G5 S1 SC
Usnea trichodea Bony Beard Lichen G5 SH SC