This application allows you to look up the status and results for individual deer or elk that you volunteered to be tested for CWD by DNR. Not Detected test results are released within a day of being received. Positive test results are released after the results are confirmed and the hunter has been contacted. There may be a delay from when the hunter is contacted for a positive and when a positive result is released to ensure the hunter is informed first.

Please enter only one of the following:

  • The number printed on the CWD Sampling barcode tag, and attached to the carcass (commas are not required). This is a 5- or 6-digit number on the circular metal medallion.
  • Your DNR customer number from your license (just the numbers, no commas or dashes). This search will not be available until the datasheet has been entered, therefore searching by the barcode is the fastest way to view the results.

and then click the "Search" button.

Note: The result may be available before the datasheet is entered, however full information on the deer or elk will be available when this occurs.