Forestry Assistance Locator

Looking for guidance from a professional forester? Select the county where your land is located and any services or certifications required by the foresters to view the names of DNR and Cooperating Foresters that are available to help.

Learn about differences between DNR Service Foresters, DNR Tax Law Specialists, and Cooperating Foresters (private sector consultants).

The DNR does not guarantee the performance or services provided by private consulting or industrial foresters, including cooperating foresters.

1. County where land is located

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Any Forester
DNR Service Forester (general forestry assistance and advice)
DNR Tax Law Forestry Specialist (if enrolled in MFL/FCL)
Cooperating Forester (private sector consultants)

OPTIONAL: For Cooperating Foresters, select as many certifications / services as you are interested in to narrow the search

Desired Cooperating Forester Services
Appraisals (land, timber, damage, trespass)
Christmas Tree Cultivation
Engineering (logging system design)
Engineering (road location/design)
Environmental Assessment/Impact Studies
Expert Witness Testimony
Forest Carbon Assessments
Forest Insect/Disease Survey
Forest Inventory (volume estimation)
Forest Management Plans (new)
Forest Management Plans (revision)
Forest Resource and Economic studies
Forest Resource Assessment & Economic Studies
Invasive Species Plant Control
Land Acquisition & Sales
Log Scaling
Mapping & GIS Services
Pesticide application
Prescribed Burning
Property Boundary Survey
Recreation Planning
Site Preparation
Tax/Accounting Consultation
Timber Sale (administration)
Timber Sale (advertising/Bidding)
Timber Sale Establishment (marking)
Timber Stand Improvement (implementation)
Timber Stand Improvement (marking)
Tree Planting/Reforestation
Urban/Community Forestry Consulting

Desired Cooperating Forester Certifications
Certified Arborist (ISA)
Certified Forester (SAF)
Certified Forest Wildlife Habitat Manager
Certified Green Tier
Certified Master Logger (WI)
Certified Pesticide Applicator
Certified Plan Writer
Certified Professional Ecologist (ESA)
Certified Technical Service Provider (NRCS)
Certified Tree Farm Inspector
Certified Wetland Delineator