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Hairy Willow Herb - Sheboygan River, North 8th Street Landing

Verified and Vouchered
Date First Found
Location First Found
Along Sheboygan River at the boat landing off of Riverfront Dr. and 8th Street in Sheboygan, WI.
Latitude and Longitude
43.744995, -87.713452
Original Extent
A Few Plants

Hairy Willow Herb

About Hairy Willow Herb

Hairy willow herb is a semi-aquatic perennial herb that grows 3-6’ tall, with fine, soft hairs covering the entire plant. The stems are tall and branching. It grows in open, moist habitats. Hairy willow herb forms dense, monotypic stands that can be found in open riparian areas along streams, ditch banks, wetlands and moist waste places. It can be found in undisturbed natural areas due to the seed easily spreading by wind, water or transported by humans or animals.