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Reed Manna Grass - Jefferson Co HWY P 1.03 km west of Woody Ln

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Reed Manna Grass

About Reed Manna Grass

Reed manna grass is a semi-aquatic, perennial grass with unbranched stems that grow up to 8’ tall. It has a reddish tint on the lower parts of the stems. Tall manna grass invades wetlands, including swamps, lakes, ponds, slow-moving rivers, creeks, ditches, and wet pastures, where it forms monospecific stands that are capable of crowding out native vegetation. It degrades wetland habitats because it is not suitable for nesting and is a poor food source for wildlife. Tall manna grass has been sold as an ornamental in a variegated variety. Young shoots can cause cyanide poisoning in cattle if used as forage.