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Japanese Hops - Little Platte River - Sth 81(Bi) (223246)

Date First Found
Location First Found
Japanese hop population on the SE corner of the intersection of the Hwy 81 bridge with the Little Platte River. The population measures approximately 20 feet x 50 feet. Japanese hop is not visible on the private lands upstream and downstream of the public ROW.
Latitude and Longitude
42.75649, -90.49469

Japanese Hops

About Japanese Hops

Japanese hops is a climbing annual, herbaceous vine that grows up to 8’. Downward-pointing rough hairs on stems and leaves aid in twining clockwise on nearby vegetation. Stems are light green to reddish in color. It invades floodplains, stream banks and lakeshores, where seeds can disperse via water and vines can grow over vegetation. When working with this plant, blisters and dermatitis can occur.