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Purple Loosestrife - 0.1 M North of Spring Valley Road and Turkey Road

Date First Found
Location First Found
south of bike trail on north side of Sugar River. About 200 yards from start of trail after you curve away from north lake formed by impediment.
Latitude and Longitude
42.8656333, -89.5390167
Original Extent
A Few Plants

Purple Loosestrife

About Purple Loosestrife

Purple loosestrife is native to Europe and Asia. After being introduced to North America, it managed to escape the specialized insects and diseases that keep it in check in its native lands. Free from these natural controls, purple loosestrife gained a competitive edge over our native wetland plants. This advantage, along with prolific seed production and a large, hardy growth, has allowed purple loosestrife to invade many of our wetlands to the near total exclusion of most other vegetation;; it literally shades everything else out.