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Yellow Iris - 6590 Aspen Dr. Sobieski, WI 54171

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Hi Scott, I live in southern Oconto County and am battling what I have come to regard as an invasive specie. I bought it ~ 10 years ago from Scenic View Nursery and added to my landscape. After a couple of years experience with it, I decided to remove - to much green, not enough flower. While successful eradicating from land, I found it in the wetland on my property. I let it go for a while until I noticed how prolific it is and did some research. This last fall, I started trying to remove with Roundup, collecting seed pods and cutting. I have some confidence I can control in my immediate wetland, but am concerned about it�s spread. The water that flows through my property comes out of the Brown County Reforestation Camp and I believe eventually merges with the Little Suamico River. I have seen plants starting to appear downstream. I could use your advice and I fear help to control the downstream spread.
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44.678607, -88.095464
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Many beds

Yellow Iris

About Yellow Iris

Yellow flag iris is a showy perennial plant that can grow in a range of conditions from drier upland sites, to wetlands, to floating aquatic mats. A native plant of Eurasia, it can be an invasive garden escapee in Wisconsin’s natural environments.