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Eurasian Water-Milfoil

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Total Locations: 1087
Total Lakes and Rivers: 945 *

Disclaimer: Aquatic invasive species (AIS) records are assigned statuses of "verified", "observed", or "no longer observed" based on AIS Status Guidance. In general, "verified" populations are established and have been verified by a taxonomic expert. Populations with the "observed" status have not been verified by a taxonomic expert or do not have established populations. Populations with the "no longer observed" status include populations where a reproducing population did not establish. Our inventories are not necessarily exhaustive so it is important to report occurrences. To report new discoveries visit: See the Aquatic Invasive Species Guidance for information on how statuses are assigned. Personally identifiable information on data collection forms may be provided to requesters to the extent required by Wisconsin's Open Records Law [ss. 19.31-19.39, Wis. Stats.].

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WaterbodySpeciesStatusWaterbody ID Code (WBIC)CountyYear First FoundDetails
Bass LakeEurasian Water-MilfoilVerified and Vouchered5551281Waupaca2002 Details
Adams LakeEurasian Water-MilfoilVerified and Vouchered267800Portage2015 Details
Ahnapee RiverEurasian Water-MilfoilVerified94800Kewaunee2010 Details
Alaska Lake, EastEurasian Water-MilfoilVerified and Vouchered94200Kewaunee1993 Details
Alaska Lake, WestEurasian Water-MilfoilVerified and Vouchered94300Kewaunee1993 Details
Alder Pond (T10N, R7E, S34)Eurasian Water-MilfoilVerified and Vouchered967300Columbia1973 Details
Allen Cr DS of Unnamed Trib (884800) off Brooklyn RdEurasian Water-MilfoilVerified883700Rock2015 Details
Allenton MarshEurasian Water-MilfoilVerified3000225Washington1985 Details
Allouez BayEurasian Water-MilfoilVerified2751220Douglas2018 Details
Alpine LakeHybrid Eurasian / Northern Water-MilfoilVerified and Vouchered245650Waushara1992 Details
Amey Pond Eurasian Water-MilfoilVerified176000Adams2017 Details
Amy Belle LakeEurasian Water-MilfoilVerified828650Washington2023 Details
Anderson LakeEurasian Water-MilfoilVerified and Vouchered5700Milwaukee2013 Details
Anderson LakeEurasian Water-MilfoilVerified and Vouchered458700Oconto2015 Details
Anvil LakeEurasian Water-MilfoilVerified and Vouchered968800Vilas2012 Details
Arbutus LakeHybrid Eurasian / Northern Water-MilfoilVerified181400Forest2022 Details
Arbutus LakeEurasian Water-MilfoilVerified181400Forest2021 Details
Archibald LakeEurasian Water-MilfoilVerified and Vouchered417400Oconto2009 Details
Arkdale Lake (Millpond)Eurasian Water-MilfoilVerified and Vouchered1374300Adams1994 Details
Army Lake (East Troy)Eurasian Water-MilfoilVerified and Vouchered740200Walworth1995 Details
Arrowhead LakeEurasian Water-MilfoilVerified and Vouchered1541500Vilas2005 Details
Arrowhead LakeHybrid Eurasian / Northern Water-MilfoilVerified1541500Vilas2010 Details
Arrowhead Lake (Manchester)Eurasian Water-MilfoilVerified and Vouchered1377700Adams1992 Details
Ashippun LakeEurasian Water-MilfoilVerified and Vouchered854300Waukesha1977 Details
Ashippun River at Monterey MillpondEurasian Water-MilfoilVerified and Vouchered854100Waukesha1977 Details
Ashland - Hot Pond Eurasian Water-MilfoilVerified2751220 2020 Details
Ashland Marina - Chequamegon Bay Eurasian Water-MilfoilVerified2751220 2020 Details
Auburn LakeEurasian Water-MilfoilVerified and Vouchered42400Fond du Lac2008 Details
Auburn Lake CreekEurasian Water-MilfoilVerified41600Fond du Lac2021 Details
Auroraville MillpondEurasian Water-MilfoilVerified244800Waushara2013 Details
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* Total Lakes and Rivers = total unique Waterbody ID Codes (WBICs). If a waterbody, such as a small pond not in the DNR 24 K Hydrolayer, doesn't have a WBIC, it isn't currently counted in the total.

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