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Total Locations: 15
Total Lakes and Rivers: 38 *

Disclaimer: Aquatic invasive species (AIS) records are assigned statuses of "verified", "observed", or "no longer observed" based on AIS Status Guidance. In general, "verified" populations are established and have been verified by a taxonomic expert. Populations with the "observed" status have not been verified by a taxonomic expert or do not have established populations. Populations with the "no longer observed" status include populations where a reproducing population did not establish. Our inventories are not necessarily exhaustive so it is important to report occurrences. To report new discoveries visit: See the Aquatic Invasive Species Guidance for information on how statuses are assigned. Personally identifiable information on data collection forms may be provided to requesters to the extent required by Wisconsin's Open Records Law [ss. 19.31-19.39, Wis. Stats.].

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WaterbodyStatusWaterbody ID Code (WBIC)CountyDetails
2021 (1)
Private Pond - WaterlooVerified and Vouchered Jefferson Details
2020 (1)
Private Pond - Wynona DriveNo Longer Observed Milwaukee Details
2015 (3)
Lake MendotaVerified and Vouchered805400Dane Details
Lake OnalaskaVerified1676700La Crosse Details
Vietnam Veterans Pond - Chad Erickson Memorial ParkVerified1649450La Crosse Details
2011 (3)
Jefferson DitchNo Longer Observed5034083Washington Details
Lizzie Pauls PondNo Longer Observed5021483Buffalo Details
Mississippi River - Pool 5No Longer Observed721000Buffalo Details
2010 (2)
Orchid Heights Park, Detention PondsNo Longer Observed Dane Details
Unnamed Pond/Channel in Lakeside Park - Near Lake WinnebagoNo Longer Observed5562445Fond du Lac Details
2009 (1)
Springville PondNo Longer Observed1402300Portage Details
2008 (1)
Jacobus Park PondNo Longer Observed9800Milwaukee Details
2005 (2)
Center LakeNo Longer Observed Kenosha Details
O'Neil Creek No Longer Observed5590939Chippewa Details
2002 (1)
Duck CreekNo Longer Observed5549136Brown, Outagamie Details

* Total Lakes and Rivers = total unique Waterbody ID Codes (WBICs). If a waterbody, such as a small pond not in the DNR 24 K Hydrolayer, doesn't have a WBIC, it isn't currently counted in the total.

** Purple Loosestrife - DNR has only a partial list of locations. For more extensive data, visit the Great Lakes Indian and Fish Wildlife Commission (GLIFWC) website [exit DNR].

** Fish species - This web page only has a partial list of locations. For more extensive data, visit the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Map of Distribution of WI Fish Species [exit DNR].