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a lake.
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Aquatic Plant Sampling Maps
Maps and GPS coordinates for conducting point-intercept aquatic plant surveys.

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NameCountyArea (Acres)WBIC
Amy Bell Lake Washington30.09 774000
Bark Lake Washington64.94 828600
Cedar Lake Washington936.97 25300
Druid Lake Washington122.4 855200
Erler Lake Washington35.3 27500
Friess Lake Washington121.46 853200
Gilbert Lake Washington44.4 25600
Green Lake Washington69.66 28100
Hasmer Lake Washington12.82 24000
Lake Five Washington, Waukesha103.74 777400
Lake Lenwood Washington15.04 28600
Lake Twelve Washington44.83 29700
Little Cedar Lake Washington260.17 25100
Little Friess Lake Washington16.17 853100
Loew Lake Washington23.7 852900
Lucas Lake Washington69.33 35900
Mueller Lake Washington12.37 778900
Pike Lake Washington460.98 858300
Silver Lake (Paradise Valley) Washington122.41 36200
Smith Lake Washington85.15 36700
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