Oak Creek-Frontal Lake Michigan TWA WQM Plan (2017)


Oak Creek is the last watershed in the Root-Pike Basin that is slated for creation of a WQ Plan. SEWRPC has been approached by various entities to develop the plan and requests monitoring data to provide water condition data for the plan. The TWA monitoring was conducted in support of the Watershed Management Plan. This project involved conducting the HUC 12 level monitoring on Oak Creek and unnamed tributaries in Milwaukee County during 2015. [TWA 12-040400020102] Read the Oak Creek Watershed TWA WQ Plan.


Monitoring was conducted on nine locations on Oak Creek (WBIC 14500) and nearby tributaries (WBICs 14800 and 14900) for fish, qualitative habitat, and total phosphorus. An additional five phosphorus samples sites were monitored at pour point location. The attached (DRAFT) WQ Plan summarizes monitoring results and provides recommendations for future work.


The number of sampling sites involve 9 Sampling events: 1 recon day, 4 fish sampling days, 1 macroinvertebrate sampling day, 5 pour point sampling trips. Sampling was completed by October 2015; pour point sampling will start April, 2015. Data will was entered by Craig Helker by December 2015. Summary report will be drafted by December 2017.

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Targeted Watershed Approach
Evaluation (TP SSC, Stressor, Bioassess)
Reports and Documents
Assessments and recommendations for the Watershed. Oak Creek-Frontal Lake Michigan TWA WQM Plan 2017
Oak Creek-Frontal Lake Michigan TWA WQM Plan 2017 Presentation
Oak Creek at Pennsylvania 2-small_learnmore
Oak Creek at Pennsylvania-SMALL_goals
Oak Creek Upstream of Pennsylvania Avenue Photo
Mitchell Field Drainage Ditch 10008241, 2017 NC Validation
North Branch Oak Creek along 6th Street 10044177, 2017 NC Validation
Oak Creek - Oak Creek at 13th Street(124m Downstream)
Oak Creek at Pennsylvania Ave 10009331, 2017 NC Validation
North Branch Oak Creek at Puetz 10039495, 2017 NC Validations
Oak Creek at Ryan Road 10044098, 2017 NC Validation
Oak Creek at Puetz and RR tracks 413074, 2017 NC Validation
Oak Creek US of 15th Ave N of Beech St NC Validation Spreadsheet 2015
Oak Creek - Oak Creek at 13th Street(124m Downstream) NC Validation 2016
Oak Creek at Beach Bridge 10010371, NC Validation 2017
Oak Creek at Pennsylvania (14500) photo by Craig Helker
Oak Creek at Pennsylvania (2) (14500) photo by Craig Helker
Activities & Recommendations
Watershed Mapping or Assessment
Biological, chemical, and physical assessment of Oak Creek in support of development of a Watershed Plan.
Monitor Targeted Watershed Area (TWA)
Oak Creek-Frontal Lake Michigan TWA WQM Plan 2017 Final Draft
Monitor or Assess Watershed Condition
Work with local area experts and multiple program DNR staff to identify areas throughout the watershed where stream habitat can be restored and connectivity improved.
Habitat Restoration - Shoreland
Work with partners and state pass through grant programs to encourage local entities to seek fundsto support habitat restoration and corridor continuity.
Shoreland Monitoring, Assessment, Inventory
Through monitoring, investigations and possibly modeling identify the primary sources of phosphorus and chlorides in the watershed.
Runoff Grant - Urban Nonpoint Source & Stormwater Management - Construction
Based on the results of the phosphorus and chlorides investigation/surveys, investigate / pursue local runoff management and river/stream grants to help initiate management actions that reduce inputs of these pollutants into water resources.
Information and Education
Identify potential partners and stakeholders to participate in an overall awareness and behavioral change program in the watershed that result in reduced erosion and phosphorus inputs.
Water Quality Planning
Oak Creek-Frontal Lake Michigan TWA WQM Plan (2017)
Engage Volunteers in Monitoring/Restoration
Continue to support Citizen Based Monitoring volunteer efforts to track total phosphorus and chloride in Oak Creek and tributaries.
Monitor Water Quality or Sediment
Monitor dissolved oxygen conditions on Mitchell Field Drainage Ditch.
Monitor Water Quality or Sediment
Water quality biologists should continue to monitor Oak Creek and tributaries in order to document existing conditions and capture the potential improvements from BMP installations.
Engage Volunteers in Monitoring/Restoration
Recruit Citizen-Based Stream Monitors to assist with on-going Watershed monitoring.
TMDL Monitoring
Review wastewater and stormwater discharges in the watershed for compliance.