Baraboo SSA Plan (2002 -2030)


The Sanitary Sewer Service Area Plan, or water quality plan, is the official area-wide water quality management plan for the City ofBaraboo, the Village ofWest Baraboo, and the surrounding Townships. City of Baraboo The Sewer Service Area Plan (SSAP) provides an inventory of land use and environmental conditions in the planning area, projects future land use based upon a logical extension of the existing conditions, and develops a proposed sanitary sewer service boundary to guide the development of public sewer facilities. The proposed boundary identifies land in the planning area that is most suitable for urban development through the construction of cost effective public sewerage facilities. The proposed sewer service area that has been developed for the City of Baraboo through the year 2030.


The proposed SSAP Boundary includes only the Village of West Baraboo and the City of Baraboo. Land in the Town of Greenfield, Town of Fairfield, and the Town ofBaraboo have not been included in the proposed boundary. The Baraboo Sanitary District #1 has not increased the size of the District and maintains a signed agreement with the City for acceptance of wastewater. A copy ofthis agreement can be found in Appendix C. The boundary for Devil's Lake State Park has not increased and the wastewater acceptance agreement with the City is still in effect.


The Baraboo SSA Plan was created in 2002 and updated in 2006 and 2009 by the City of Baraboo. Updates to the SSAP are required every five years. This plan projects the growth of the City to the year 2030 Using population and growth projections that are explained in more detail within the update, the following was determined: • 2008 City of Baraboo population 11,755 people • 2030 City of Baraboo population 14,707 people • 2008 Village of West Baraboo population 1,288 people • 2030 Village of West Baraboo projection 2,003 people • Total Developed land within the City as of 2008 is 3,074 acres • Total Developed acreage within the Village of West Baraboo as of 2008- 360 acres

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The Baraboo SSA Plan was created in 2002 and updated in 2006 and 2009 by the City of Baraboo