Trout fishing in WisconsinBuffalo County classified trout streams

Official Waterbody NameLocal Waterbody NameStart MileEnd MileTrout ClassCountiesMap Link
Armour CreekArmour Creek1.965.75CLASS IIBuffaloMap Link
Bear CreekBear Creek7.5010.00CLASS IIIBuffalo,PepinMap Link
Center CreekCenter Creek0.004.35CLASS IIBuffaloMap Link
Cooke Valley CreekCooke Valley Creek0.002.80CLASS IIIBuffaloMap Link
Danuser CreekDanuser Creek0.007.07CLASS IIBuffaloMap Link
Deer CreekDeer Creek0.004.00CLASS IIBuffaloMap Link
Doelle CreekDoelle Creek0.005.07CLASS IIIBuffaloMap Link
Eagle CreekEagle Creek3.499.09CLASS IIBuffaloMap Link
Eagle CreekEagle Creek9.0917.56CLASS IIBuffaloMap Link
Elk CreekElk Creek0.003.32CLASS IIBuffaloMap Link
Elk CreekElk Creek3.3116.50CLASS IIBuffalo,TrempealeauMap Link
Harvey CreekHarvey Creek3.285.64CLASS IIIBuffaloMap Link
Harvey CreekHarvey Creek5.647.09CLASS IIIBuffaloMap Link
Kilness CreekKilness Creek0.004.05CLASS IIIBuffaloMap Link
Little Bear CreekLittle Bear Creek4.3513.17CLASS IIBuffaloMap Link
Little Waumandee CreekLittle Waumandee Creek0.0011.00CLASS IIBuffaloMap Link
Little Waumandee CreekLittle Waumandee Creek11.0021.11CLASS IIBuffaloMap Link
North Branch Little Bear CreekNorth Branch Little Bear Creek0.005.40CLASS IIBuffaloMap Link
North Branch Little Bear CreekNorth Branch Little Bear Creek5.406.79CLASS IIBuffaloMap Link
Peeso CreekHoyts Creek0.000.72CLASS IIIBuffaloMap Link
Peeso CreekHoyts Creek1.229.66CLASS IIIBuffalo,Eau ClaireMap Link
Rossman CreekRossman Creek0.003.66CLASS IIBuffaloMap Link
South Fork Elk CreekElk Creek, South Fork0.005.06CLASS IIIBuffaloMap Link
Sport Valley CreekSport Valley Creek0.003.44CLASS IIIBuffalo,TrempealeauMap Link
Spring CreekSpring Creek2.615.49CLASS IIBuffaloMap Link
Tamarack CreekTamarack Creek0.003.05CLASS IIBuffaloMap Link
Tamarack CreekTamarack Creek3.064.93CLASS IIBuffaloMap Link
Tamarack CreekTamarack Creek4.948.77CLASS IIBuffaloMap Link
Traverse Valley CreekTraverse Valley Creek6.108.96CLASS IIBuffalo,TrempealeauMap Link
Trout CreekTrout Creek0.008.48CLASS IIBuffaloMap Link
UnnamedBotana Valley Creek0.006.16CLASS IIBuffaloMap Link
UnnamedNewton Valley Creek (Shoe Creek)0.004.27CLASS IIBuffalo,PepinMap Link
UnnamedOwen Valley Ck. (31-10) Trib. To North Branch Of Little Be0.002.16CLASS IIIBuffaloMap Link
UnnamedSwinns Valley Creek0.008.49CLASS IIBuffaloMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Cr T24n R12w S5 (5-9)0.003.27CLASS IIBuffaloMap Link
UnnamedWeisenbeck Valley Creek T23n R13w S2 (2-3)0.005.15CLASS IIBuffaloMap Link
UnnamedYeager Valley Creek0.004.43CLASS IIBuffaloMap Link
Waumandee CreekWaumandee Creek26.7233.64CLASS IIBuffaloMap Link