Trout fishing in WisconsinDouglas County classified trout streams

Official Waterbody NameLocal Waterbody NameStart MileEnd MileTrout ClassCountiesMap Link
Anderson CreekAnderson Creek0.017.60CLASS IDouglasMap Link
Angel CreekAngel Creek0.001.00CLASS IDouglasMap Link
Arnold CreekArnold Creek0.003.72CLASS IDouglasMap Link
Bacon CreekBacon Creek0.003.77CLASS IDouglasMap Link
Balsam CreekBalsam Creek (Big Balsam)0.003.17CLASS IIIDouglasMap Link
Balsam CreekBalsam Creek (Big Balsam)3.1719.68CLASS IIDouglasMap Link
Balsam CreekBalsam Creek (Big Balsam)19.6822.29CLASS IDouglasMap Link
Beaver CreekBeaver Creek0.002.93CLASS IIDouglasMap Link
Beebe CreekBeebe Creek0.004.29CLASS IDouglasMap Link
Bergen CreekBergen Creek0.964.23CLASS IIIDouglasMap Link
Bergen CreekBergen Creek4.237.37CLASS IIDouglasMap Link
Black RiverBlack River0.007.44CLASS IIIDouglasMap Link
Black RiverBlack River7.4431.11CLASS IIIDouglasMap Link
Blueberry CreekBlueberry Creek0.004.50CLASS IDouglasMap Link
Bois Brule RiverBois Brule River0.0043.92CLASS IDouglasMap Link
Bois Brule Trib T47N R10W S2 NESEBois Brule Trib T47N R10W S2 NESE0.000.44CLASS IDouglasMap Link
Boyles BrookBoyles Brook0.003.16CLASS IIDouglasMap Link
Buckety CreekBuckety Creek0.003.14CLASS IIDouglasMap Link
Buckety CreekBuckety Creek3.146.44CLASS IIIDouglasMap Link
Buckley CreekBuckley Creek0.006.50CLASS IIDouglasMap Link
Casey CreekCasey Creek0.004.05CLASS IDouglasMap Link
Catlin CreekCatlin Creek0.000.43CLASS IIIDouglasMap Link
Catlin CreekCatlin Creek0.433.96CLASS IDouglasMap Link
Copper CreekCopper Creek7.189.58CLASS IIDouglasMap Link
Cranberry CreekCranberry Creek0.006.04CLASS IDouglasMap Link
Cranberry CreekCranberry Creek0.001.42CLASS IDouglasMap Link
Cranberry SpringCranberry SpringCLASS IDouglasMap Link
East Fork Bois Brule RiverEast Fork Bois Brule River0.001.17CLASS IDouglasMap Link
Eau Claire RiverEau Claire River3.0215.95CLASS IIIDouglasMap Link
Empire CreekEmpire Creek0.004.66CLASS IDouglasMap Link
Jerseth CreekJerseth Creek0.001.47CLASS IDouglasMap Link
Leo CreekLeo Creek0.002.46CLASS IIDouglasMap Link
Leo CreekLeo Creek2.466.75CLASS IIIDouglasMap Link
Little Amnicon RiverLittle Amnicon River0.006.53CLASS IIIDouglasMap Link
Little Amnicon RiverLittle Amnicon River6.5413.78CLASS IIDouglasMap Link
Little Balsam CreekLittle Balsam Creek0.004.56CLASS IDouglasMap Link
Little Bois Brule RiverLittle Bois Brule River0.003.17CLASS IDouglasMap Link
Lower Ox CreekLower Ox Creek1.102.75CLASS IIDouglasMap Link
Lower Ox CreekLower Ox Creek2.754.39CLASS IIIDouglasMap Link
Miller CreekMiller Creek3.526.53CLASS IIDouglasMap Link
Mud CreekMud Creek0.004.00CLASS IIDouglasMap Link
Mud CreekMud Creek0.004.92CLASS IIDouglasMap Link
Nebagamon CreekNebagamon Creek0.001.56CLASS IDouglasMap Link
Nebagamon CreekNebagamon Creek1.565.16CLASS IIDouglasMap Link
Ounce RiverOunce River0.0012.04CLASS IIIDouglasMap Link
Ounce RiverOunce River12.0425.08CLASS IIIBayfield,DouglasMap Link
Park CreekPark Creek0.000.46CLASS IIIDouglasMap Link
Park CreekPark Creek0.623.57CLASS IIDouglasMap Link
Park Creek PondPark Creek PondCLASS IIIDouglasMap Link
Percival CreekPercival Creek0.001.60CLASS IDouglasMap Link
Poplar RiverPoplar River0.0015.47CLASS IIIDouglasMap Link
Poplar RiverPoplar River15.4727.08CLASS IIDouglasMap Link
Potter CreekPotter Creek0.002.03CLASS IDouglasMap Link
Rock CreekRock Creek0.003.40CLASS IIIDouglasMap Link
Rock CreekRock Creek0.002.38CLASS IIIDouglasMap Link
Rock CreekRock Creek2.394.79CLASS IDouglasMap Link
Rocky RunRocky Run0.004.54CLASS IBayfield,DouglasMap Link
Sandy RunSandy Run Creek0.001.65CLASS IBayfield,DouglasMap Link
Silver CreekSilver Creek1.005.81CLASS IIDouglasMap Link
Spring CreekSpring Creek0.002.74CLASS IIDouglasMap Link
St Croix CreekSt Croix Creek0.001.04CLASS IDouglasMap Link
Trask CreekTrask Creek3.855.92CLASS IIIDouglasMap Link
Trask CreekTrask Creek5.918.04CLASS IIDouglasMap Link
UnnamedBlueberry Creek Tributary (17) (Creek 17-15 T47n R10w)0.002.10CLASS IDouglasMap Link
UnnamedBois Brule River Trib (22)0.004.00CLASS IDouglasMap Link
UnnamedBois Brule River Trib (NW/SE S11)2.484.09CLASS IDouglasMap Link
UnnamedCreek 18-24.838.43CLASS IIDouglasMap Link
UnnamedLittle Balsam Creek0.000.46CLASS IDouglasMap Link
UnnamedRock Cut Creek0.233.69CLASS IIDouglasMap Link
UnnamedSpring Creek (Solon Spring Creek)0.002.51CLASS IIDouglasMap Link
UnnamedTrib to Bois Brule River S34-15 (SWSE)0.000.72CLASS IDouglasMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed (T45-R11W-S4-13a)0.000.13CLASS IDouglasMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Trib To Balsam Creek0.001.53CLASS IDouglasMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Trib To Bois Brule0.001.27CLASS IDouglasMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Trib To Bois Brule0.001.21CLASS IDouglasMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Trib To Bois Brule T47n R10w S110.002.48CLASS IDouglasMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Trib To Copper Creek0.001.37CLASS IDouglasMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Trib. To Balsam Ck. T47n R15w S230.014.34CLASS IDouglasMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Trib. To Rocky Run Ck.0.000.64CLASS IDouglasMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Trib. To Sandy Run(T47-R10W-S13-3d)0.000.30CLASS IDouglasMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed(T45-R11W-S3-3d)0.000.16CLASS IDouglasMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed(T45-R11W-S9-3c)0.000.37CLASS IDouglasMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed(T46-R10W-S30-12b)0.000.32CLASS IDouglasMap Link
Upper Ox CreekUpper Ox Creek0.276.35CLASS IIDouglasMap Link
West Fork Bois Brule RiverWest Fork Bois Brule River0.002.00CLASS IDouglasMap Link
Wilson CreekWilson Creek0.002.63CLASS IDouglasMap Link