Trout fishing in WisconsinGrant County classified trout streams

Official Waterbody NameLocal Waterbody NameStart MileEnd MileTrout ClassCountiesMap Link
Austin BrAustin Branch0.003.64CLASS IGrantMap Link
Big Green RiverBig Green River0.001.93CLASS IGrantMap Link
Big Green RiverBig Green River1.9312.74CLASS IGrantMap Link
Big Green RiverBig Green River12.6815.14CLASS IGrantMap Link
Big Rock BrBig Rock Branch0.002.91CLASS IIGrant,IowaMap Link
Big Spring BrBig Spring Branch0.005.17CLASS IGrant,IowaMap Link
Blue RiverBlue River17.8729.60CLASS IIGrant,IowaMap Link
Borah CreekBorah Creek0.001.96CLASS IGrantMap Link
Borah CreekBorah Creek1.963.44CLASS IGrantMap Link
Borah CreekBorah Creek3.4410.02CLASS IGrantMap Link
Bronson CreekBronson Creek0.002.77CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Cass Valley CreekDoc Smith Branch (Cass Valley)0.003.39CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Castle Rock CreekFennimore Fork (Castle Rock)8.3017.14CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Castle Rock CreekFennimore Fork (Castle Rock)17.1421.39CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Castle Rock SpringCastle Rock Spring0.000.14CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Chase CreekChase Creek0.001.15CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Chase CreekChase Creek1.154.02CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Coon Valley CreekCoon Valley Creek0.002.38CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Coon Valley CreekCoon Valley Creek2.373.51CLASS IGrantMap Link
Crooked CreekCrooked Creek0.8110.32CLASS IGrantMap Link
Crow BrCrow Branch0.002.50CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Crow BrCrow Branch2.506.00CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Culver BrCulver Br0.002.34CLASS IGrantMap Link
Culver BrCulver Br2.304.24CLASS IGrantMap Link
Day BrDays Branch0.003.25CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Dry Hollow CreekDry Hollow Creek0.000.60CLASS IGrantMap Link
Grant RiverGrant River (Upper Part)39.6743.85CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Gregory BrGregory Branch0.001.87CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Lane CreekLane Creek0.007.12CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Lee BrLee Br0.001.50CLASS IGrantMap Link
Leggett CreekLeggett Creek0.008.07CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Little Grant RiverLittle Grant River2.3511.53CLASS IGrantMap Link
Little Green RiverLittle Green River0.004.12CLASS IGrantMap Link
Little Platte RiverLittle Platte River33.9838.33CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Long Hollow CreekLong Hollow Creek0.000.10CLASS IGrantMap Link
Martin BrMartin Branch0.004.00CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Martin BrMartin Branch4.005.32CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Martinville CreekMartinville Cr0.002.60CLASS IGrantMap Link
Martinville CreekMartinville Cr2.595.05CLASS IGrantMap Link
McPherson BranchMcpherson Branch0.001.50CLASS IGrantMap Link
McPherson BranchMcpherson Branch1.503.83CLASS IGrantMap Link
Millville CreekMillville Creek0.005.50CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Millville CreekMillville Creek5.5010.00CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Newell CreekNewell Creek0.004.87CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Platte RiverPlatte River13.7137.80CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Platte RiverPlatte River37.8047.25CLASS IIGrant,IowaMap Link
Pleasant Valley CreekPleasant Valley0.005.12CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Rogers BrRogers Branch0.008.00CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Rogers BrRogers Branch8.0011.83CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Rountree BrRountree Branch2.466.81CLASS IGrantMap Link
Sand BrSand Branch0.004.04CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Sanders CreekSaunders Creek0.001.80CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Sanders CreekSaunders Creek1.805.59CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Sanders CreekSaunders Creek5.598.87CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Sandy CreekSandy Creek0.376.01CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Sandy CreekSandy Creek6.0210.72CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Sixmile BrSixmile Branch0.004.08CLASS IIGrant,IowaMap Link
Snowden BrBig Patch Creek0.004.99CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Snowden BrBig Patch Creek4.999.84CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Studenberg Hollow CreekStudenberg Hollow Creek0.011.71CLASS IIGrantMap Link
UnnamedCreek 13-10.000.58CLASS IIGrantMap Link
UnnamedCreek 14-80.001.28CLASS IIGrantMap Link
UnnamedCreek 23-20.002.05CLASS IIGrantMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Trib To Martin Branch (Badger Branch)0.000.19CLASS IIGrantMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Trib To Martin Branch (Badger Branch)0.195.52CLASS IIIGrantMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Trib to Coon Cr0.003.62CLASS IGrantMap Link
Warner CreekWarner Creek0.000.64CLASS IIGrantMap Link
Willow BrWillow Branch0.006.44CLASS IIGrantMap Link