Trout fishing in WisconsinIowa County classified trout streams

Official Waterbody NameLocal Waterbody NameStart MileEnd MileTrout ClassCountiesMap Link
Baker CreekBaker Creek0.002.18CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Big Rock BrBig Rock Branch0.002.91CLASS IIGrant,IowaMap Link
Big Rock BrBig Rock Branch2.906.13CLASS IIowaMap Link
Big Rock BrBig Rock Branch6.138.18CLASS IIowaMap Link
Big Spring BrBig Spring Branch0.005.17CLASS IGrant,IowaMap Link
Blue RiverBlue River17.8729.60CLASS IIGrant,IowaMap Link
Blue RiverBlue River29.6032.04CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Blue RiverBlue River32.0535.21CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Brewery CreekBrewery Creek0.003.32CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Brewery CreekBrewery Creek3.326.17CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Canon CreekCannon Creek0.007.67CLASS IILafayette,IowaMap Link
Canyon Park CreekCanyon Park Creek0.003.78CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Cave Hollow CreekCave Hollow Creek0.003.47CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Conley Lewis CreekConley-Lewis Creek0.003.05CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Conley Lewis CreekConley-Lewis Creek3.056.07CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Conley Lewis CreekConley-Lewis Creek6.078.54CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Cutler CreekCutler Creek0.003.22CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Dickinson CreekDickinson Creek0.004.50CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Dodge BrDodge Branch9.4416.52CLASS IIIowaMap Link
East Branch Blue Mounds CreekBohn Creek0.001.16CLASS IIDane,IowaMap Link
East Branch Pecatonica RiverE. Br. Pecatonica River43.8355.02CLASS IIIowaMap Link
East Branch Pecatonica RiverEast Branch Pecatonica River55.0259.81NONEIowaMap Link
Flint CreekFlint Creek0.007.94CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Flint CreekFlint Creek7.9410.54CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Gordon CreekBig Spring Creek14.2222.43CLASS IIDane,IowaMap Link
Gordon CreekGordon Creek (Big Spring Cr Of Blue Mounds Cr)1.939.35CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Gordon CreekGordon Creek (Big Spring Cr Or Blue Mounds Cr)9.3514.22CLASS IIowaMap Link
Gribble BranchGribble Branch0.003.18CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Harker CreekHarker Creek0.001.01CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Harker CreekHarker Creek1.026.15CLASS IIowaMap Link
Hutchison CreekHutchinson Creek0.001.72CLASS IIowaMap Link
Kittleson Valley CreekKittleson Valley Creek0.002.79CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Kittleson Valley CreekKittleson Valley Creek2.796.70CLASS IIDane,IowaMap Link
Laxey CreekLaxey Creek2.2410.35CLASS IIowaMap Link
Lee CreekLee Creek0.004.39CLASS IIowaMap Link
Ley CreekLey Creek0.002.85CLASS IIowaMap Link
Ley CreekLey Creek2.854.17CLASS IIowaMap Link
Love CreekLove Creek0.003.94CLASS IIowaMap Link
Lowery CreekLowery Creek1.014.74CLASS IIowaMap Link
Lowery CreekLowery Creek4.748.53CLASS IIowaMap Link
Lynch BrLynch Branch0.003.86CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Martin CreekMartin Creek0.001.60CLASS IIowaMap Link
Mill CreekMill Creek15.7816.99CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Mill CreekMill Creek22.2831.47CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Morrey CreekMorrey Creek1.398.45CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Narveson CreekNarveson Creek0.000.88CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Norwegian Hollow CreekNorwegian Hollow Creek0.003.95CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Olson CreekOlson Creek0.003.95CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Olson CreekOlson Creek3.955.87CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Otter CreekOtter Creek14.8919.86CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Otter CreekOtter Creek21.3723.30CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Otter CreekOtter Creek23.3024.78CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Pengelly CreekPengelly Creek0.002.43CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Penn Hollow CreekPenn Hollow Creek0.894.59CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Platte RiverPlatte River37.8047.25CLASS IIGrant,IowaMap Link
Pompey Pillar CreekPompey Pillar Creek0.934.47CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Pompey Pillar CreekPompey Pillar Creek4.485.48CLASS IIowaMap Link
Regan CreekRegan Creek0.000.87CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Regan CreekRegan Creek0.872.57CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Rock BrRock Branch0.002.96CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Rock BrRock Branch2.954.23CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Rush CreekRush Creek0.006.02CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Schmidt CreekSchmidt Creek0.001.07CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Schmidt CreekSchmidt Creek1.071.97CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Sixmile BrSixmile Branch0.004.08CLASS IIGrant,IowaMap Link
Smith Conley CreekSmith-Conley Creek0.009.15CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Smoky Hollow CreekSmokey Hollow Creek0.003.22CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Smoky Hollow CreekSmokey Hollow Creek3.226.32CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Spring Valley CreekSpring Valley0.002.58CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Strutt CreekStrutt Creek0.002.24CLASS IIowaMap Link
Sudan BrSudan Branch12.7817.66CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Trout CreekTrout Creek0.004.25CLASS IIowaMap Link
Trout CreekTrout Creek4.259.17CLASS IIIowaMap Link
UnnamedCreek 31-40.000.61CLASS IIowaMap Link
UnnamedLocal Water0.002.10CLASS IIowaMap Link
UnnamedRosy Lane Creek0.002.22CLASS IIIowaMap Link
UnnamedTrib To Brewery Creek0.000.60CLASS IIIowaMap Link
UnnamedTrib To Brewery Creek0.602.25NONEIowaMap Link
UnnamedTrib To Williams-Barneveld Creek0.001.24CLASS IIIowaMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed0.003.87CLASS IIowaMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed0.002.35CLASS IIowaMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Trib 1 to Lowery Creek0.003.20CLASS IIowaMap Link
West Branch Blue Mounds CreekWest Br Blue Mounds Creek0.007.70CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Whitford CreekWhitford Creek0.002.11CLASS IIowaMap Link
Whitford CreekWhitford Creek2.112.84CLASS IIowaMap Link
Williams-Barneveld CreekWilliams-Barneveld Creek0.008.10CLASS IIowaMap Link
Williams-Rewey BrWilliam Rewey Branch0.002.20CLASS IIIowaMap Link
Williams-Rewey BrWilliam Rewey Branch2.193.84CLASS IIIowaMap Link