Trout fishing in WisconsinIron County classified trout streams

Official Waterbody NameLocal Waterbody NameStart MileEnd MileTrout ClassCountiesMap Link
Alder CreekAlder Creek0.003.60CLASS IIIIronMap Link
Alder CreekAlder Creek3.6013.67CLASS IIronMap Link
Apple CreekApple Creek0.004.47CLASS IIronMap Link
Augustine CreekAugustine Creek1.8810.45CLASS IAshland,IronMap Link
Barr CreekBarr Creek0.003.58CLASS IIronMap Link
Bell CreekBell Creek0.001.80CLASS IIronMap Link
Black RiverBlack River38.9841.01CLASS IIIronMap Link
Boomer CreekBoomer Creek0.0011.09CLASS IIIronMap Link
Bull Gus CreekBull Gus Creek0.002.47CLASS IIIIronMap Link
Camp Four CreekCamp Four Creek0.003.71CLASS IIAshland,IronMap Link
Carpenter CreekCarpenter Creek0.002.00CLASS IIIIronMap Link
Cedar CreekCedar Creek0.003.61CLASS IIron,PriceMap Link
Chases CreekChase Creek0.003.98CLASS IIIIronMap Link
Cominski CreekKaminski Creek (Cominski Creek)0.002.00CLASS IIronMap Link
Dollar CreekDollar Creek0.004.73CLASS IIIIronMap Link
Drinkwine CreekDrinkwine Creek0.001.77CLASS IIIIronMap Link
Dunn CreekDunn Creek0.002.00CLASS IIIIronMap Link
East Branch Augustine CreekEast Branch Augustine Creek0.822.65CLASS IIIIronMap Link
East Fork Chippewa RiverEast Fork Chippewa River74.4685.71CLASS IIAshland,IronMap Link
Erickson CreekErickson Creek0.005.11CLASS IIIronMap Link
Feldcher CreekFeldcher Creek0.003.11CLASS IIAshland,IronMap Link
Flood CreekFlood Creek0.002.75CLASS IIIronMap Link
Flood CreekFlood Creek2.765.18CLASS IIronMap Link
Fourche CreekFourche Creek0.001.85CLASS IIronMap Link
Fourche CreekFourche Creek1.853.58CLASS IIIIronMap Link
Fourche CreekFourche Creek3.586.77CLASS IIronMap Link
Frieberg CreekFreiberg Creek0.002.51CLASS IIronMap Link
Graveyard CreekGraveyard Creek0.003.37CLASS IIronMap Link
Graveyard CreekGraveyard Creek3.375.51CLASS IIronMap Link
Hurd CreekDan Hurd Creek0.006.64CLASS IIAshland,IronMap Link
Javorsky CreekJavorsky Creek0.003.60CLASS IIronMap Link
Kaarris CreekKaarris Creek0.002.32CLASS IIIronMap Link
Lawrence CreekLawrence Creek0.004.05CLASS IIIronMap Link
Laymans CreekLaymans Creek0.004.24CLASS IIIIronMap Link
Leclair CreekLe Clair Creek0.003.00CLASS IIronMap Link
Linnunpuro CreekLinnunpuro Creek0.004.00CLASS IIIIronMap Link
Magee CreekMagee Creek12.5615.81CLASS IIIIronMap Link
Mead CreekMead Creek0.003.05CLASS IIIronMap Link
Mineral CreekMineral Creek0.003.00CLASS IIIAshland,IronMap Link
Minnie CreekMinnie Creek0.006.38CLASS IIAshland,IronMap Link
Montreal CreekMontreal Creek6.397.57CLASS IIIIronMap Link
Montreal RiverMontreal River4.3817.50CLASS IIIronMap Link
Montreal RiverMontreal River East Branch27.3847.69CLASS IIIronMap Link
Montreal RiverMontreal River East Fork17.5027.38CLASS IIIIronMap Link
Mud CreekMud Creek0.006.00CLASS IIIronMap Link
Mud CreekMud Creek0.003.70CLASS IIIronMap Link
Norman CreekNorman Creek0.003.55CLASS IIIronMap Link
Oronto CreekOronto Creek0.261.57CLASS IIronMap Link
Oronto CreekOronto Creek1.586.34CLASS IIIIronMap Link
Pardee CreekPardee Creek0.003.11CLASS IIronMap Link
Parker CreekParker Creek0.006.00CLASS IIIIronMap Link
Potato RiverPotato River11.1036.99CLASS IIIronMap Link
Rouse CreekRouse Creek0.002.26CLASS IIIIronMap Link
Sandhill CreekSandhill Creeek0.001.00CLASS IIIronMap Link
Sandrock CreekSandrock Creek0.000.38CLASS IIIIronMap Link
Shine CreekShine Creek0.002.18CLASS IIIIronMap Link
Shine CreekShine Creek2.185.53CLASS IIIronMap Link
Silver CreekSilver Creek0.004.19CLASS IIAshland,IronMap Link
Sixteen CreekSixteen Creek0.000.68CLASS IIIronMap Link
Spoon CreekSpoon Creek0.005.00CLASS IIIIronMap Link
Spring CreekSpring Creek0.003.00CLASS IIIIronMap Link
Sturgeon BrookSturgeon Brook0.001.91CLASS IIIIronMap Link
Sturgeon BrookSturgeon Brook0.012.71CLASS IIIIronMap Link
Sturgeon BrookSturgeon Brook1.912.71CLASS IIIIronMap Link
Sullivan CreekSullivan Creek0.005.00CLASS IIIronMap Link
Swamp CreekSwamp Creek2.2015.91CLASS IIIIronMap Link
Swamp CreekSwamp Creek15.9121.80CLASS IIIronMap Link
Turntable CreekTurntable Creek0.000.33CLASS IIIronMap Link
Turntable CreekTurntable Creek0.344.98CLASS IIIIronMap Link
Tyler FksTyler Forks7.3425.65CLASS IIIronMap Link
Tyler FksTyler Forks25.6534.83CLASS IIIIronMap Link
UnnamedAugustine Creek0.000.82CLASS IIronMap Link
UnnamedCemetery Creek (T46n R1e S35 Swsw)0.001.51CLASS IIIronMap Link
UnnamedCoil Creek0.000.98CLASS IIIronMap Link
UnnamedCoil Creek (T46n R1w S16 Senw)0.004.00CLASS IIIronMap Link
UnnamedFreiberg Creek0.000.42CLASS IIronMap Link
UnnamedJavorsky Creek0.000.45CLASS IIronMap Link
UnnamedMcdonald Creek0.000.94CLASS IIIIronMap Link
UnnamedSixteen Creek0.001.83CLASS IIIronMap Link
UnnamedSouth Fork Black River0.021.03CLASS IIIronMap Link
UnnamedTributary to Boomer Creek0.003.94CLASS IIIronMap Link
UnnamedTributary to Vaughn Creek0.182.46CLASS IIIronMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed (Tributary to Potato River)0.002.90CLASS IIIIronMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Stream0.001.36CLASS IIIIronMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Tributary to Ballou Creek0.010.99CLASS IAshland,IronMap Link
UnnamedWolf Creek (T44-R1W-S16-9a)0.000.60CLASS IIronMap Link
Vaughn CreekVaughn Creek3.348.96CLASS IIAshland,IronMap Link
Vaughn CreekVaughn Creek8.9618.51CLASS IIIronMap Link
Vogue CreekVogue Creek0.002.67CLASS IIIronMap Link
West Branch Graveyard CreekWest Branch Graveyard Creek0.002.39CLASS IIIronMap Link
West Fork Montreal RiverWest Fork Montreal River0.006.88CLASS IIIronMap Link