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WI Public Water System Consumer Confidence Report Generation

This tool is meant to be used by public water systems to aid in the preparation of their CCR. Data used to prepare the CCR becomes available March 1 each year. If you are not the public water system, you should contact them for their final CCR, since the data provided here may only be a portion of what is included in their CCR.

If your system distributes water to your customers from multiple hydraulically independent distribution systems that are fed by different raw water sources, you should not use this CCR generator. Instead, please contact your Regional DNR Representative for information regarding how the data in your CCR must be presented.

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NOTE: Once you begin using the on-line CCR Generator, you must answer all of the questions highlighted in yellow, generate the CCR and save it to your computer hard drive. Information will be lost if you do not complete the entire questionnaire and generate the CCR before you close your web browser, or after 60 minutes of inactivity.

You will need to provide information that DNR does not maintain in its database. There will be additional questions that may pertain to you, and if you provide data, it will be inserted into the appropriate location in the CCR. Following is a list of information for you to have available before beginning your CCR so that you will be able to complete the questions. Once you generate and save the CCR to your hard drive, you may add additional information to the CCR, but you should not remove any that initially appears in the CCR, without first talking with your DNR Representative.
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