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a lake.

Aquatic Invasive Species Contacts


Waterway and Wetland Program

Please contact the Waterway and Wetland Program if you have questions regarding:
  • Riprap, Shoreline disturbance, and Riparian Rights
  • Piers, Boat Ramps, and Boat Structures
  • Dredging
  • Bridges, Culverts over streams, and Water diversion
  • Ponds and Wetlands
  • Structures (rafts, intake and outflow)
  • Weed rakes and Aqua thrusters
Waterway and Wetland Contacts By County

Aquatic Invasive Species - AIS Regional Coordinator/Point of Contact


Aquatic Invasive Species - County or Tribal Coordinator

Zach Wilson

Aquatic Plant Management

Kevin Gauthier

Ty Krajewski

Citizen Lake Monitoring - Equipment and Training

Sandy Wickman

Lake Coordinators - DNR

Kevin Gauthier

Lake Ecology - Aquatic Plants

Kevin Gauthier

Lake Grants - Applying and Technical Assistance

Kevin Gauthier

Lake Grants - Financial Administration


Lake Management Plans

Kevin Gauthier

Water Quality Monitoring

Kevin Gauthier

Fishing and Fish Management

Fisheries Biologists by County

DNR Dams - Water Management Engineer Contacts

Please contact the DNR Dams Program if you have questions regarding dams or dam safety

DNR Dam Contacts By County

DNR Wardens

Please contact a DNR Warden if you have questions regarding:

  • Potential environmental violations or hazardous spills
  • Laws in state parks, forests and other DNR-owned lands
Warden Contacts By County