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Lake NameCountySize (Acres)
Ace-In-The-Hole Lake Chippewa7
Axhandle Lake Chippewa86
Barr Lake Chippewa2
Bass Lake Chippewa40
Bass Lake Chippewa7
Bass Lake Chippewa4
Bass Lakes Chippewa14
Bass Lakes Chippewa12
Bass Lakes Chippewa8
Bass Lakes Chippewa3
Bass Lakes Chippewa8
Beaver Lake Chippewa17
Beaver Lake Chippewa16
Beaver Lake Chippewa5
Big Buck Lake Chippewa17
Big Twin Lake Chippewa5
Birch Creek Flowage No. 1 Chippewa3
Birch Creek Flowage No. 2 Chippewa6
Black Lake Chippewa3
Bob Lake Chippewa96
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