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Aquatic Plant Sampling Maps
Maps and GPS coordinates for conducting point-intercept aquatic plant surveys.

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NameCountyArea (Acres)WBIC
Amber Lake Vilas, Oneida735.55 2271600
Bass Lake T37n R09e S30 Oneida183.69 1580300
Bear Lake Oneida295.2 1527800
Bearskin Lake Oneida402.69 1523600
Big Fork Lake Oneida662.74 1610700
Big Lake Oneida844.77 1613000
Big Stone Lake Oneida606.77 1612200
Birch Lake Oneida197.51 1523800
Blue Lake Oneida440.52 1538600
Boom Lake Oneida364.76 1580200
Bridge Lake Lincoln, Oneida418.88 1516800
Buffalo Lake Oneida104.72 974200
Chain Lake Oneida200.92 1598000
Clear Lake Oneida873.43 977500
Clearwater Lake Vilas, Oneida360.33 1616400
Cranberry Lake Oneida, Vilas924.33 1603800
Crescent Lake Oneida616.02 1564200
Dam Lake Oneida732.07 1596900
Deer Lake Oneida188.19 1612300
Diamond Lake Oneida117.28 1537100
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