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a lake.
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Aquatic Plant Sampling Maps
Maps and GPS coordinates for conducting point-intercept aquatic plant surveys.

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NameCountyArea (Acres)WBIC
Ucil Lake Oconto78.46 455400
Ueeck Lake Waushara13.27 108300
Un Spring Vilas60.41 1545200
Underwood Lake Oconto45.31 519700
Unnamed Marquette, Waushara24.73 114050
Unnamed Dunn12.88 1890100
Unnamed Dane17.24 1249050
Unnamed Brown5.56 3000065
Unnamed Marquette9.77 168190
Unnamed Marquette92.49 5559244
Unnamed Walworth19.12 5577736
Unnamed Oneida4.65 1542900
Unnamed Brown5.35 5545707
Unnamed Oneida174.91 5591310
Unnamed Shawano, Menominee1.46 334800
Unnamed Barron28.55 2517400
Unnamed Barron29.93 5583521
Unnamed Burnett11.73 5509802
Unnamed Chippewa5.7 5528720
Unnamed Columbia25.84 5568059
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  • WBIC: Waterbody Identification Code