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Aquatic Plant Sampling Maps
Maps and GPS coordinates for conducting point-intercept aquatic plant surveys.

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NameCountyArea (Acres)WBIC
Bashaw Lake Burnett169.83 2662400
Bass Lake Burnett82 2450900
Benoit Lake Burnett256.24 2678300
Big Bear Lake Burnett179.32 2705700
Big Doctor Lake Burnett213.2 2453400
Big Sand Lake Burnett1433.88 2676800
Big Trade Lake Burnett327.3 2638700
Birch Island Lake Burnett768.03 2453500
Cadotte Lake Burnett121.32 2673600
Clam Lake Burnett1337.64 2656200
Cranberry Lake Burnett66.39 2670700
Crooked Lake Burnett168.02 2459100
Crooked Lake Burnett250.31 2459200
Danbury Flowage Burnett242.32 2674500
Deer Lake Burnett152.8 2460700
Des Moines Lake Burnett214.86 2674200
Devils Lake Burnett974.92 2461100
Falk Lake Burnett75.9 2670900
Fawn Lake Burnett28.89 2464000
Fish Lake Burnett330.09 2464500
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