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Station NameStation IDMapMost Recent DataReports
American Way Pond10056423 Map 2021 Details
Brandenburg Lake - Brandenburg Lake134002 Map 2010 Details
Brazee Lake - Deep Hole10051258 Map 2019 Details
Brazee Lake at Patrick Marsh WA10048852 Map 2017 Details
Bridle Ridge Pass Neighborhood Pond10052614 Map 2019 Details
Cathedral Point Pond10056424 Map 2021 Details
Cherokee Lake - Cherokee Park10048851 Map 2023 Details
Colladay Pond10021322 Map 2006 Details
Colladay Pond - Colladay Pt Rd133525 Map 2005 Details
Crystal Lake - Deep Hole133319 Map 2015 Details
Crystal Lake Proposed Pump Site10038189 Map 2012 Details
Crystal Lake at Proposed Pump Inlet10031439 Map 2010 Details
Crystal Lake near storm water outlet 10042302 Map 2014 Details
Dunkirk Dam - Yahara River10054102 Map 2021 Details
Dunn Heritage Park Pond10047621 Map 2017 Details
Fish Lake - Deep Hole-Littoral Zone133120 Map 2015 Details
Fish Lake - North side10044695 Map 2015 Details
Fish Lake - SE corner10044694 Map 2015 Details
Fish Lake at Culvert 10031438 Map 2010 Details
Fish Lake at Culvert Fish Lake Rd10031440 Map 2010 Details
Fishers LK.10046875 Map 2009 Details
Gammon Place And Mineral Point Pond133513 Map 2004 Details
Gateway Pond10056416 Map 2020 Details
Goose Lake - (Verona) Deep Hole133463 Map 2014 Details
Governor's Island - Lake Mendota10052739 Map 2022 Details
Hawthorne Hills South Pond10056421 Map 2021 Details
Indian Lake - Deep Hole133419 Map 2022 Details
Investment Court Pond10056418 Map 2020 Details
Lagoon du Nord 20ft west of bridge10038728 Map 2006 Details
Lagoon du Sud 120 ft west of bridge10038729 Map 2006 Details
Lake Barney10037627 Map 2012 Details
Lake Barney nearshore10037696 Map 2012 Details
Lake Belle View - Deep Hole133317 Map 2015 Details
Lake Belle View - North Channel access from Hwy 6910034967 Map 2013 Details
Lake Belle View - Site 1 - Deep Hole - Near Main Sugar R Outlet10021226 Map 2008 Details
Lake Belle View - Site 3 - Near Minor Outlet10021228 Map 2008 Details
Lake Jewel Spring10055274 Map 2022 Details
Lake Kegonsa - A10021610 Map 2017 Details
Lake Kegonsa - B10021611 Map 2007 Details
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