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Lake Monitoring Reports

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Location: Last Monitored:
Station NameStation IDMapMost Recent DataReports
Clark Lake - Clark Lake10012428 Map 2009 Details
Clark Lake - Deepest Point153112 Map 2023 Details
Dunes Lake - Center10029267 Map 2022 Details
Dunes Lake Outlet10039994 Map 2011 Details
Dunes Lake just US of outlet 10039995 Map 2021 Details
Europe Lake - Deep Hole153120 Map 2021 Details
Europe Lake - Europe Lake154001 Map 1979 Details
Forestville Flowage - Deep Hole10012295 Map 2023 Details
Forestville Flowage nearshore10037692 Map 2012 Details
Forestville Millpond - Above Dam153160 Map 2023 Details
Green Bay AOC Macro Site - 19GB20110054293 Map 2019 Details
Green Bay AOC Macro Site - 19GB20310054294 Map 2019 Details
Inlet to Dunes Lake10054846 Map 2021 Details
Kangaroo Lake - Kangaroo Lake154002 Map 1979 Details
Kangaroo Lake - Site 1 (South)-Deep Hole153121 Map 2023 Details
Kangaroo Lake - Site 2 Middle Of N Lobe153162 Map 2015 Details
Little (Bradley) Lake Northern Site10041039 Map 2008 Details
Little (Bradley) Lake Southern Site10041040 Map 2008 Details
Mackaysee Lake - Deepest Part153113 Map 1983 Details
NESE1628N27E - center section (Lake Michigan)10052350 Map 2013 Details
NWNE1130N28E - E section (Lake Michigan)10052365 Map 2008 Details
NWNE2327N21E - N section (Lake Michigan)10052372 Map 2006 Details
NWNW2820N25E - center section (Lake Michigan)10052353 Map 2014 Details
NWSW1329N23E - E section (Lake Michigan)10052384 Map 2016 Details
SESW1632N29E - NE corner section (Lake Michigan)10052367 Map 2008 Details
SESW1833N30E - NE corner section (Lake Michigan)10052364 Map 2008 Details
SWSE3427N21E - E section (Lake Michigan)10052382 Map 2015 Details
Sturgeon Bay - Big Creek153075 Map 2023 Details