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Lake Monitoring Reports

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Location: Last Monitored:
Station NameStation IDMapMost Recent DataReports
Avoca Lake - Deep Hole253167 Map 2005 Details
Avoca Lake Deep Hole10031525 Map 2010 Details
Birch Lake - Center of the Lake253165 Map 2020 Details
Black Hawk Lake - Deep Hole253124 Map 2023 Details
Blackhawk Lake - Left Dam Deepest Hole10017136 Map 2007 Details
Blackhawk Lake Baseline 110015108 Map 2021 Details
Cox Hollow Lake - Deep Hole253189 Map 2016 Details
Goodwiler Lake10037644 Map 2023 Details
Goodwiler Lake nearshore10037693 Map 2013 Details
Helen Lake Deep Hole10031527 Map 2023 Details
Kendal Lake - general lake station10048637 Map 2023 Details
Ludden Lake - Deep Hole253168 Map 2023 Details
Smoky Hollow Creek at Hwy P10044783 Map 2015 Details
Twin Valley Lake - Deep Hole253127 Map 2020 Details
Twin Valley Lake Baseline10015109 Map 2014 Details
Unnamed Lake10021274 Map 2013 Details
Unnamed Slough Near Blue Mounds Creek Mouth10031501 Map 2010 Details
Unnamed Slough near Lowery Cr. Mouth10031502 Map 2010 Details
Unnamed Slough near Morrey Creek Mouth10031503 Map 2020 Details
Unnamed WI River Slough Downstream of Rush Creek10031526 Map 2010 Details