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Station NameStation IDMapMost Recent DataReports
Apple Lake - Deep Hole563056 Map 2023 Details
Apple Lake - South End563108 Map 2012 Details
Bass Lake - E Shore N Frog Pond563102 Map 1996 Details
Bass Lake - Middle Of Lake563058 Map 2023 Details
Bass Lake - N End Deep Spot563101 Map 1996 Details
Bass Lake - N End Nr Cattle Pasture563099 Map 1996 Details
Bass Lake - N End Pond Cattle Yard563100 Map 1996 Details
Bass Lake - Nw Side563153 Map 2018 Details
Bass Lake - S End Connected Pond563103 Map 1996 Details
Bass Lake Pump SIte10049162 Map 2022 Details
Casey Lake - Deep Hole563109 Map 1999 Details
Cedar Lake - Deep Hole - Mid-Lake Off Demmings Point563057 Map 2023 Details
Cedar Lake - South End999334 Map 2021 Details
East Twin Lake - Middle Of East Lake563084 Map 2008 Details
George Lake - Deep Hole483073 Map 2003 Details
Glen Lake - Deep Hole Mid Lake563094 Map 2003 Details
Hart Lake - Deep Hole563131 Map 2015 Details
Hatfield Lake - Hatfield Lake (Near New Richmnd)563156 Map 2021 Details
Hatfield Lake - Middle South Bay563063 Map 1993 Details
Lake Mallalieu - Deep Hole563121 Map 2023 Details
Lake Mallalieu - Mid-Lake563132 Map 2006 Details
Lake St Croix - Mid Channel 1563097 Map 1998 Details
Lake St Croix - Mid Channel 2563098 Map 1998 Details
Little Falls Lake - Middle Of Lake563079 Map 2003 Details
Mallalieu Lake - Mallalieu Lake564006 Map 2003 Details
Mounds Pond - Middle Of Flowage563080 Map 1993 Details
New Richmond Flowage - Deep Hole563129 Map 2003 Details
Oak Ridge Lake - Middle Of Lake - Deep Hole563088 Map 2002 Details
Perch Lake - St. Croix County HAB sample for dog illness10053891 Map 2020 Details
Perch Lake at Deepest Point563081 Map 2018 Details
Pine Lake - Middle Of Lake563085 Map 2002 Details
Pine Lake - South Of Deep Hole563082 Map 2015 Details
Riverdale Flowage - Deep Hole563128 Map 2003 Details
Riverdale Flowage - Riverdale Flowage564001 Map 1979 Details
Spring Valley Flowage-George Lake - 100' Off E Shore 250' From Outlet563124 Map 1993 Details
St. Croix Flowage - St. Croix Flowage564003 Map 1979 Details
Three Lakes - 2nd Lobe E 3 Lakes563086 Map 1993 Details
Three Lakes - E of 103rd St563087 Map 1993 Details
Turtle Lake - Turtle Lake564002 Map 1979 Details
West Twin Lake - Twin Lakes Middle Of West Lake563083 Map 2008 Details
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