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Station NameStation IDMapMost Recent DataReports
5th Ave Roadside Pond10051922 Map 2019 Details
Alpine Lake - Deep Hole703060 Map 2023 Details
Archer Rd Roadside Pond10051075 Map 2019 Details
Auroraville Lake - Deep Hole704001 Map 1979 Details
Beans Lake - Deep Spot703030 Map 2015 Details
Big Hills Lake - Deep Hole - East Bay703015 Map 2023 Details
Big Hills Lake - West Bay703097 Map 2023 Details
Big Roche a Cri - Heartland Irrigation Pond10051124 Map 2019 Details
Big Roche a Cri - Woyak Irrigation Pond10051076 Map 2019 Details
Big Silver Lake - SE Foxtail Bay (Herbicide Monitoring Site 5)10044710 Map 2020 Details
Big Twin Lake - Deepest Part703039 Map 2015 Details
Bing Farms Pond - Prvate access10051520 Map 2018 Details
Bing Lake - Private Access10051519 Map 2018 Details
Bohn Lake South Shore - Access10051010 Map 2019 Details
Bughs Lake - A10056232 Map 2022 Details
Bughs Lake - B10056233 Map 2022 Details
Bughs Lake - Bughs Lake704002 Map 1979 Details
Bughs Lake - C10056234 Map 2022 Details
Bughs Lake - Deepest Spot703116 Map 2023 Details
Bullhead Lake - NW Shore10051079 Map 2019 Details
Cedar Springs Lake - Site A703093 Map 1999 Details
Cedar Springs Lake - Site B703094 Map 2001 Details
Cedar Springs Lake - Site C703095 Map 1999 Details
Cedar Springs Lake - Site D703096 Map 1999 Details
Chaffee Creek Headwters10051235 Map 2019 Details
Curtis Lake - Deepest Point703024 Map 2015 Details
Curtis Lake Inlet10020525 Map 1993 Details
Deer Lake - Deer Lake704005 Map 1979 Details
Deer Lake nearshore10037687 Map 2018 Details
Emerald Lake zebra mussel location PI point 2510042345 Map 2014 Details
Fawn Lane Wetland10051239 Map 2019 Details
Fiddle Lake10051924 Map 2019 Details
Fish Lake (Near Hancock) - East Lobe - Deep Spot703104 Map 2015 Details
Fish Lake - West Basin-Deep Hole703025 Map 2002 Details
Gilbert Lake - Deep Hole703052 Map 2023 Details
Goose Lake - North Shore10051077 Map 2019 Details
Goose Lake SE Shore10051078 Map 2018 Details
Hancock (Pine) Lake - East [Herbicide Monitoring Site C]10044862 Map 2016 Details
Hancock (Pine) Lake - West [Herbicide Monitoring Site A]10044861 Map 2016 Details
Henry Shore Road Wetland10051241 Map 2019 Details
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