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Station NameStation IDMapMost Recent DataReports
Axhandle Lake - Deep Hole093053 Map 2023 Details
Bass #2 Lake - Deepest Part093157 Map 2001 Details
Bass Lake #5 - Deep Hole10007643 Map 2001 Details
Bass Lake (3209w15) - Deep Hole094010 Map 1979 Details
Beaver Lake - Deep Hole093173 Map 2023 Details
Beaver Lake at Deepest Point093093 Map 1988 Details
Big Buck Lake at Deep Site093148 Map 1996 Details
Big Twin Lake - Deep Hole093183 Map 2001 Details
Bob Lake - Deep Hole093057 Map 2018 Details
Boot Lake - Center Of Lake093156 Map 1995 Details
Bradley Lake at Deep Hole093145 Map 1994 Details
Burnt Wagon Lake - Deep Hole10007701 Map 2001 Details
Calkins Lake - Calkins Lake094001 Map 1979 Details
Calkins Lake - Deep Hole10056717 Map 2022 Details
Chain Lake - Deep Hole553072 Map 2021 Details
Chain Lake - Ferndale Area10049493 Map 2023 Details
Chapman Lake - Chapman Lake094002 Map 1979 Details
Chapman Lake - Deep Hole999254 Map 1987 Details
Chippewa Falls Flowage - 30 ' Sm Bay093101 Map 1989 Details
Chippewa Lake Wissota - Chippewa Lake Wissota088 Map 1977 Details
Chippewa River - Chip. Falls Flowage - Chip. Falls Flowage093164 Map 2002 Details
Chippewa River - Holcombe Flowage163 Map 1994 Details
Chippewa River - Holcombe Flowage - at Mouth of Jump River095045 Map 2005 Details
Chippewa River Old Abe Lake-Old Abe Flowage - Hofke Housemiddle Hofke House - Deep Hole093100 Map 2003 Details
Como Lake at Deepest Point093112 Map 2019 Details
Cornell Lake - Deep Hole (M Of Lake) Cl1093107 Map 1996 Details
Dam Lake at Deepest Point093083 Map 2001 Details
Dark Lake (T32n R08w S19) - Deep Hole093147 Map 1994 Details
Dark Lake (T32n R09w S10) - Deep Hole093146 Map 1994 Details
Dog Island Lake - Center093171 Map 1990 Details
Dorothy Lake - Deep Hole10007754 Map 2001 Details
Dumke Lake at Deepest Point093084 Map 2003 Details
East Weeks Lake - Deepest Point093091 Map 1988 Details
Finley Lake - Finley Lake094003 Map 1979 Details
Finley Lake at Deep Site093150 Map 1995 Details
Glen Loch Lake - Deepest Point093114 Map 1992 Details
Hallie Lake at Deepest Point093115 Map 2021 Details
Hay Meadow Flowage #310037016 Map 2001 Details
Hay Meadow Lake - Hay Meadow Lake094004 Map 1979 Details
Hemlock Lake - Deep Hole093174 Map 2008 Details
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