West Branch Sugar River TWA, Dane County


In 2005, the West Branch Sugar River (WBSR) was the1st stream taken off the 303(d) list due to direct management actions to reduce sediment and improve habitat. Since that time, it has been added back on the list because of TP exceeding the criteria. Anecdotal reports indicate a reduction in quality of the resource. This study will look at fish and habitat on 8 sites on the stream to replicate the study done in 2003.


To determine the contemporary status of the WBSR by looking at fish and habitat to determine if the quality still exists that was used to justify its removal from the 303(d) list in 2005.


Fishery and habitat data will be collected at various sites along the stream to determine the health of the fishery and habitat. This data will be evaluated, compared with previous data, and be used to determine the status of the resource and to determine if management actions are needed to restore the quality of the system. Data will be entered into the FM database. A report summarizing the study will be written and entered into SWIMS and WATERS.

Study Design

Collect fish data at 8 sites and quantitative habitat at 4 sites to determine the health of the fishery and habitat. Qualitative habitat will be collected at the 4 other sites.

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Targeted Watershed Approach
Evaluation (TP SSC, Stressor, Bioassess)
Reports and Documents
Final Report of the condition of the West Branch Sugar River (WBIC = 886100) after a 2017 assessment of fish, habitat, and macroinvertebrates.
This is a final report on the 2017 assessment of the West Branch Sugar River in Dane County, WI. It assesses the contemporary condition of the West Branch Sugar River 15 years after stream rehabilitation.
Rehabilitation of the West Branch Sugar River Dane County, Wisconsin Waterbody Index Code: 886100 A Documentation for Removal from the State of Wisconsin’s List of Impaired Waters
Activities & Recommendations
Habitat Restoration - Instream
Monitor Watershed (Status,Sources,Impairments)