Wood River, Barrett Creek, Crex Meadows TWA, Burnett County


A monitoring project conducted at Crex Meadows Wildlife Area in 2014 assessed the distribution and transport of iron on the landscape. This project included monitoring of soils, streams, flowages, springs, and sediment. Existing data on groundwater was reviewed. Biological communities in streams were also assessed. Fish communities were surveyed at 28 sites and macroinvertebrate communities were sampled at 14 sites. Read the Wood River-Barrett Creek-Crex Meadows TWA Water Quality Plan [print version]


This is a targeted watershed assessment (TWA) that will use the standard, documented monitoring protocols attached to this project and organized and maintained by central office staff. The targeted watershed assessment study design may include ambient condition analysis, evaluation monitoring, assessment of best management practices, or data gathering for site specific criteria, as needed. The specific "subtype" purpose of this study involves documentation of ambient water condition. Water chemistry and bug sample results are entered into SWIMS. Fish and habitat data will be entered into the FH data base. Eight (8) sites will be assessed with 2 to 6 visits per site. Sites were determined a spring reconnaissance survey.


DNR prepared a Crex Meadows Wildlife Area Water Quality Assessment in 2016 and in 2020, Craig Roesler created The Wood River-Barrett Creek-Crex Meadows TWA Water Quality Plan that specifies recommendations and actions that may be needed to protect, restore or repair water quality issues.

Study Design

Standard stream protocols will be used. Eight (8) sites will be assessed with 2 to 6 visits per site. Twenty-four sites with flowing surface water were monitored (figure 6). Three primary stream monitoring sites (Hay, Whiskey, and “North Fork” Creeks) were the most intensely monitored, since they conduct most of the surface drainage flowing southward out of CMWA. Six secondary sites that included both streams and flowage outlets were monitored on 29-32 dates. An additional 15 sites that included 9 streams, 4 springs, and 2 ditches were infrequently monitored.

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Targeted Watershed Approach
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Reports and Documents
Hay Creek, Barrett River, Crex Meadows TWA Draft (2020)
Hay Creek-Wood River [HUC12] TWA Project Details
This Targeted Watershed Assessment (TWA) will address needs for baseline water quality monitoring of the Lower Wood River watershed. Several stream sites were monitored and the field data collected during each visit was used to “flag” problem waters. In 2014, Water Action Volunteers stream monitors who live in Lower Wood River watershed were asked to assist in the monitoring process by collecting water samples. The targeted watershed assessment will hopefully provide enough information to add to existing recent data in order to evaluate the watershed for total phosphorus levels.
Hay Creek DS Benson Road Photo [2643000]
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Hay Creek Monitoring 2643000
Monitor Targeted Watershed Area (TWA)
Hay Creek-Wood River [HUC12] This is a targeted watershed assessment (TWA) that will use the standard protocols provided by central office staff. 2642900 2643000 2643000 2646600 2646600 5004271