Trout fishing in WisconsinDunn County classified trout streams

Official Waterbody NameLocal Waterbody NameStart MileEnd MileTrout ClassCountiesMap Link
Annis CreekAnnis Creek0.005.97CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Annis CreekAnnis Creek5.979.87CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Beaver CreekBeaver Creek (T30n R14w)0.003.32CLASS IDunn,St. CroixMap Link
Beaver CreekBeaver Creek (T31N, R10W)0.004.58CLASS IChippewa,DunnMap Link
Big Beaver CreekBig Beaver Creek0.006.42CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Big Beaver CreekBig Beaver Creek6.429.11CLASS IDunnMap Link
Big Elk CreekBig Elk Creek0.004.60CLASS IChippewa,DunnMap Link
Big Elk CreekCreek 2-8 (T28N,R11W)0.002.30CLASS IDunnMap Link
Blairmoor BrBlair Moor Branch0.005.74CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Bolen CreekBolen Creek0.006.43CLASS IDunn,St. CroixMap Link
Bronken CreekBronken Creek1.206.85CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Cady CreekCady Creek0.001.01CLASS IPierce,DunnMap Link
Clack CreekClack Creek0.003.34CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Clack CreekClack Creek3.345.35CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Connors CreekConnors Creek0.000.17CLASS IBarron,DunnMap Link
Coon CreekCoon Creek0.007.01CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Crosby CreekCrosby Creek0.002.18CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Eau Galle RiverEau Galle River11.2424.06CLASS IIPierce,DunnMap Link
Eighteenmile CreekEighteen Mile Creek0.004.84CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Eighteenmile CreekEighteen Mile Creek4.845.55CLASS IDunnMap Link
Eighteenmile CreekEighteenmile Creek5.558.39CLASS IChippewa,DunnMap Link
Elk CreekElk Creek0.004.01CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Elk CreekElk Creek5.408.63CLASS IEau Claire,DunnMap Link
Fall CreekFall Creek0.008.24CLASS IIPepin,DunnMap Link
Flayton CreekFlayton Creek0.005.18CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Gilbert CreekGilbert Creek0.0010.45CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Gilbert CreekGilbert Creek10.4511.45CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Hay CreekHay Creek0.0011.17CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Hay CreekHay Creek (T26n,R14w)0.003.65CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Hay CreekHay Creek (T28n,R14w)0.004.20CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Hay CreekHay Creek(T28n,R14w)4.205.44CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Irving CreekIrving Creek0.004.34CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Irving CreekIrving Creek4.347.90CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Johns CreekJohns Creek0.003.31CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Knights CreekKnights Creek0.008.00CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Knights CreekKnights Creek8.009.14CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Little Beaver CreekLittle Beaver Creek0.006.97CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Little Elk CreekLittle Elk Creek0.009.00CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Little Lambs CreekSinking Creek0.005.00CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Little Otter CreekLittle Otter Creek0.001.57CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Little Vance CreekLittle Vance Creek0.002.38CLASS IBarron,DunnMap Link
Lower Pine CreekLower Pine Creek6.9914.00CLASS IIIBarron,DunnMap Link
Lower Pine CreekLower Pine Creek14.0017.24CLASS IIBarron,DunnMap Link
Middle Br Gilbert CreekGilbert Creek Middle Branch0.002.50CLASS IDunnMap Link
Missouri CreekMissouri Creek8.5913.83CLASS IIIDunnMap Link
Muddy CreekMuddy Creek15.3720.23CLASS IIIDunnMap Link
Muddy CreekMuddy Creek20.2324.94CLASS IIDunnMap Link
North Branch Gilbert CreekNorth Branch Gilbert Creek0.002.00CLASS IIDunnMap Link
North Branch Gilbert CreekNorth Branch Gilbert Creek1.994.53CLASS IDunnMap Link
North Branch Knights CreekNorth Branch Knights Creek0.002.72CLASS IIDunnMap Link
North Branch Wilson CreekNorth Branch Wilson Creek0.009.26CLASS IIDunn,St. CroixMap Link
Otter CreekOtter Creek0.006.97CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Otter CreekOtter Creek6.9712.86CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Popple CreekPopple Creek0.005.93CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Quarter CreekQuarter Creek0.003.27CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Rock CreekRock Creek0.002.54CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Running Valley CreekRunning Valley Creek0.004.61CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Rush CreekRush Creek0.005.20CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Sand CreekSand Creek0.009.27CLASS IBarron,Chippewa,DunnMap Link
Sandy CreekSandy Creek (T30N, R15W)0.005.52CLASS IDunn,St. CroixMap Link
Slovak Valley CreekCreek 14-100.002.92CLASS IIDunnMap Link
South Branch Gilbert CreekSouth Branch Gilbert Creek0.002.75CLASS IIDunnMap Link
South Fork Hay RiverSouth Fork Hay River0.007.08CLASS IIDunnMap Link
South Fork Hay RiverSouth Fork Hay River7.0821.78CLASS IIDunnMap Link
South Fork Hay RiverSouth Fork Hay River21.7723.61CLASS IDunnMap Link
South Fork Hay RiverSouth Fork Hay River23.6125.93CLASS IDunnMap Link
South Fork Lower Pine CreekSouth Fork Lower Pine2.897.35CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Tiffany CreekTiffany Creek0.0011.72CLASS IIDunn,St. CroixMap Link
Torgerson CreekTorgerson Creek0.002.71CLASS IDunnMap Link
Trout CreekTrout Creek2.405.92CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedBig Elk Creek4.605.44CLASS IDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 1-120.000.61CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 1-8 (T29N, R11W)0.002.93CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 11-140.001.80CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 11-160.002.10CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 12-13 (T29N, R10W)0.002.00CLASS IIChippewa,DunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 15-10.002.88CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 15-90.002.61CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 16-16 (Carver Creek)0.002.65CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 17-10 Trib. To North Branch Gilbert Creek0.001.18CLASS IDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 17-11 (T28N, R10W)0.003.82CLASS IChippewa,DunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 18-110.001.13CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 20-120.002.11CLASS IDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 20-60.001.53CLASS IDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 20-80.001.30CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 22-130.001.00CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 22-5a0.000.48CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 22-5d0.002.27CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 22-6 (Sly Creek)0.003.31CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 23-110.001.95CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 25-110.001.61CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 25-3 Trib To Annis Creek0.001.98CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 25-70.002.61CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 27-70.002.25CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 27-90.001.73CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 29-10.002.83CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 29-6 (Little Bolen Creek)0.003.59CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 3-110.002.39CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 3-90.002.48CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 30-1 Trib. To Middle Branch Gilbert Creek0.001.40CLASS IDunn,St. CroixMap Link
UnnamedCreek 30-150.001.76CLASS IDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 31-30.002.44CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 34-100.001.73CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 34-60.004.03CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 35-130.006.53CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 35-20.003.54CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 6-50.002.55CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 8-70.001.80CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 9-150.000.39CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedCreek 9-3c0.001.57CLASS IDunnMap Link
UnnamedDeutch Creek0.004.45CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedOtter Creek (East Branch)0.003.45CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Creek 30-80.001.41CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Creek 7-120.002.52CLASS IIDunnMap Link
UnnamedUnnamed Creek 8-30.002.24CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Vance CreekVance Creek0.003.16CLASS IDunnMap Link
Washburn Farm CreekWashburn Farm Creek0.003.48CLASS IIDunnMap Link
West Branch Knights CreekWest Branch Knights Creek0.004.39CLASS IDunnMap Link
Wilson CreekWilson Creek3.3614.37CLASS IIDunnMap Link
Wilson CreekWilson Creek14.3721.28CLASS IDunn,St. CroixMap Link