Trout fishing in WisconsinMonroe County classified trout streams

Official Waterbody NameLocal Waterbody NameStart MileEnd MileTrout ClassCountiesMap Link
Bailey CreekBailey Creek0.001.90CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
Bailey CreekBailey Creek1.903.93CLASS IIIMonroeMap Link
Baraboo RiverBaraboo River108.60118.93CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
Beaver CreekBeaver Creek0.003.70CLASS IMonroeMap Link
Beltz CreekBeltz Creek2.324.22CLASS IJackson,MonroeMap Link
Big CreekBig Creek0.001.49CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
Big CreekBig Creek0.764.05CLASS IIIMonroe,La CrosseMap Link
Big CreekBig Creek1.496.49CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
Big CreekBig Creek4.055.61CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
Big CreekBig Creek6.666.77CLASS IMonroeMap Link
Billings CreekBillings Creek0.0015.20CLASS IIMonroe,VernonMap Link
Brandy CreekBrandy Creek4.087.53CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
Brush CreekBrush Creek2.8312.83CLASS IIIMonroeMap Link
Clear CreekClear Creek0.005.81CLASS IIIJackson,MonroeMap Link
Clear CreekClear Creek9.0310.32CLASS IMonroeMap Link
Cook CreekCook Creek0.007.41CLASS IIIMonroeMap Link
Coon CreekBohemian Valley Creek (Coon Cr)33.4537.31CLASS IMonroe,La CrosseMap Link
Council CreekCouncil Creek3.589.85CLASS IIIMonroeMap Link
Crouch Valley CreekCrouch Valley Creek0.000.11CLASS IIMonroe,VernonMap Link
Deer CreekDeer Creek0.003.13CLASS IMonroeMap Link
Dustin CreekDustin Creek0.003.68CLASS IMonroeMap Link
East Beaver CreekBeaver Creek, East0.004.22CLASS IMonroeMap Link
East Upper Big CreekBig Creek, East Upper0.003.14CLASS IMonroeMap Link
Farmers Valley CreekFarmers Valley Creek0.001.71CLASS IMonroeMap Link
Farmers Valley CreekFarmers Valley Creek1.7111.65CLASS IMonroeMap Link
Heiser Valley CreekHeiser Valley CreekCLASS IMonroeMap Link
Indian CreekIndian Cr (Trib to Little Lemonweir R)0.005.47CLASS IIIMonroeMap Link
Jay CreekJay Creek2.7010.38CLASS IIIJackson,MonroeMap Link
Jenkins Valley CreekJenkins Valley Creek0.004.16CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
Kickapoo RiverKickapoo River91.14107.83CLASS IIMonroe,VernonMap Link
Kickapoo RiverKickapoo River125.85128.82CLASS IMonroeMap Link
La Crosse RiverLa Crosse River40.7543.23CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
La Crosse RiverLa Crosse River43.9449.72CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
La Crosse RiverLa Crosse River49.7261.94CLASS IMonroeMap Link
Little La Crosse RiverLittle La Crosse River0.0010.25CLASS IMonroeMap Link
Little La Crosse RiverLittle La Crosse River10.2522.66CLASS IMonroeMap Link
Little Lemonweir RiverLittle Lemonweir River12.3622.86CLASS IIJuneau,MonroeMap Link
Little Lemonweir RiverLittle Lemonweir River22.8624.81CLASS IMonroeMap Link
Mill CreekMill Creek5.818.24CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
Mill CreekMill Creek8.2415.45CLASS IMonroeMap Link
Mud CreekMud Creek5.315.92CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
Mud CreekMud Creek5.926.81CLASS IMonroeMap Link
Ranch CreekRanch Creek0.001.80CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
Ranch CreekRanch Creek1.813.43CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
Rathbone CreekRathbone Creek0.006.20CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
Rocky RunRocky Run Creek0.001.53CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
Rullands Coulee CreekRullands Coulee Creek0.005.81CLASS IMonroe,VernonMap Link
Sand CreekSand Creek0.0010.21CLASS IJackson,Monroe,La CrosseMap Link
Sand CreekSand Creek0.003.99CLASS IIIMonroeMap Link
Seymour CreekSeymour Creek6.4811.49CLASS IIIMonroe,VernonMap Link
Silver CreekSilver Creek0.007.76CLASS IMonroeMap Link
Silver CreekSilver Creek7.769.46CLASS IMonroeMap Link
Silver CreekSilver Creek9.4611.14CLASS IMonroeMap Link
Soper CreekSoper Creek0.007.97CLASS IMonroeMap Link
Sparta CreekSparta Creek0.003.48CLASS IMonroeMap Link
Spencer CreekSpencer Creek0.003.22CLASS IMonroeMap Link
Spencer CreekSpencer Creek3.226.55CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
Stillwell CreekStillwell Creek0.012.46CLASS IIIMonroeMap Link
Stillwell CreekStillwell Creek2.464.61CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
Stony CreekStony Creek0.008.15CLASS IIIJackson,MonroeMap Link
Suukjak Sep CreekSuukjak Sep Creek0.000.07CLASS IIIMonroeMap Link
Suukjak Sep CreekSuukjak Sep Creek0.797.47CLASS IMonroeMap Link
Swamp CreekSwamp Creek0.003.04CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
Tarr CreekTarr Creek0.000.32CLASS IMonroeMap Link
Tarr CreekTarr Creek0.3210.50CLASS IMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCannon Valley Creek (T16n R4w S24) (24-7)0.007.55CLASS IIIMonroeMap Link
UnnamedColes Valley Creek (T17n R3w S24) (24-5)0.007.84CLASS IMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 11-150.001.36CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 12-130.000.58CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 12-15 (Russell Valley)0.002.59CLASS IMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 12-40.001.43CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 13-10.973.35CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 13-1c0.000.38CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 13-1d0.000.29CLASS IIJuneau,MonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 14-10.003.05CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 14-70.002.83CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 15-13 (T17n R3w S15)0.002.35CLASS IIIMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 19-150.004.25CLASS IMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 19n, 3w, 29 Nwnw0.000.58CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 19n, 5w, 34nese0.004.47CLASS IMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 20-110.001.68CLASS IMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 20-12 T18n R1w0.001.82CLASS IMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 21-60.001.28CLASS IMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 23-110.015.11CLASS IMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 23-13b0.000.90CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 26-100.001.60CLASS IMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 27-30.000.93CLASS IMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 27-70.001.19CLASS IMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 28-160.001.88CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 28-30.011.30CLASS IIIMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 29-11 (Trib to Alderwood Lake in Section 29)0.003.73CLASS IMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 29-12 (Trib to 29-11 in S29)0.000.86CLASS IMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 29-15 (trib to Creek 29-11 in Section 29)0.001.02CLASS IMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 29-160.002.06CLASS IMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 29-162.062.24CLASS IMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 29-8 (S. Fk Sparta Cr)0.230.66CLASS IMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 34-100.000.55CLASS IIJackson,MonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 34-50.001.90CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 34-60.001.49CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 34-80.002.68CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 35-7 (Trib To Upper Brush Creek)0.002.96CLASS IIIMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 6-16 (T15n R3w S6) (6-16)0.003.84CLASS IMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 7-10.002.15CLASS IMonroeMap Link
UnnamedCreek 8-1 T18n R1w0.005.34CLASS IMonroeMap Link
UnnamedFox River Valley Creek0.004.87CLASS IIIMonroeMap Link
UnnamedHalls Valley Creek (T16n R3w S32)(Unnamed Creek 32-9)0.005.55CLASS IMonroeMap Link
UnnamedLyon Valley Creek (T16n R3w S29)(Creek 29-9)0.005.69CLASS IMonroeMap Link
UnnamedPleasant Valley Creek (T16n R4w S14)0.007.41CLASS IIIMonroeMap Link
UnnamedShowen Creek0.001.61CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
UnnamedSpring Valley Creek0.002.23CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
UnnamedSpring Valley Creek2.232.49CLASS IMonroeMap Link
UnnamedSpring Valley Creek2.495.93CLASS IMonroeMap Link
UnnamedUnnamedCLASS IIMonroeMap Link
Upper Big CreekBig Creek, Upper (West)0.005.46CLASS IMonroeMap Link
Upper Brush CreekUpper Brush Creek0.005.02CLASS IIIMonroeMap Link
West Beaver CreekBeaver Creek, West0.004.01CLASS IIMonroeMap Link
Whisky CreekWhisky Creek3.744.50CLASS IMonroeMap Link
Winchell Valley CreekWinchell Valley Creek0.003.93CLASS IMonroe,VernonMap Link
Wyman CreekWyman Creek4.288.15CLASS IJackson,MonroeMap Link