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Lake NameCountySize (Acres)
Haack Lake Sheboygan17
Hahns Lake Jefferson72
Halverson Lake Iowa9
Haneman Lake Ozaukee4
Hartford Millpond Washington10
Hasmer Lake Washington13
Hawkos Pond Columbia16
Hawthorn Lake Washington8
Hawthorne Hills Pond Ozaukee6
Hayslope Lake Waukesha3
Heiden Pond Jefferson2
Helen Lake Iowa16
Hemlock Slough Sauk22
Henrietta Lake Waukesha15
Hickey Lake Washington12
Hidden Valley Lake 1 Lafayette26
Hilburn Pond Walworth9
Hill Slough Sauk19
Hingham Mill Pond Sheboygan38
Hogan Lake Waukesha8
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