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a lake.
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Lake Monitoring Reports

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Location: Last Monitored:
Station NameStation IDMapMost Recent DataReports
Arbutus Lake - Deep Hole213142 Map 2023 Details
Bear Lake - Deep Hole213186 Map 2024 Details
Bishop Lake - Deep Hole213069 Map 2024 Details
Butternut Lake - Butternut Lake214020 Map 2023 Details
Butternut Lake - Site 3-Deep Hole213137 Map 2023 Details
Crane Lake - Deep Hole213121 Map 2023 Details
Crystal Lake - Deep Hole213044 Map 2023 Details
Franklin Lake - Deep Hole213138 Map 2023 Details
Hilbert Lake - Deep Hole383052 Map 2023 Details
Howell Lake - Deepest Spot10033611 Map 2023 Details
Jungle Lake - Deep Hole10038725 Map 2023 Details
Kentuck Lake - Site 1-Center643334 Map 2024 Details
Kentuck Lake - Site 2-East End-Deep Hole643451 Map 2023 Details
Lake Lucerne - Deep Hole213123 Map 2024 Details
Lake Metonga - Deep Hole213124 Map 2024 Details
Lily Lake - Deep Hole213043 Map 2023 Details
Long Lake - Deep Hole193014 Map 2024 Details
Mole Lake - Deep Hole213125 Map 2024 Details
Roberts Lake - Deep Hole213132 Map 2023 Details
Silver Lake - Deep Hole213017 Map 2024 Details
South bay - 20 foot hole - Franklin Lake, Forest Co.10046960 Map 2023 Details
St. Johns Lake - Deep Hole213031 Map 2024 Details
Trump Lake - Max Depth213064 Map 2023 Details
Van Zile Lake - Deep Hole213040 Map 2023 Details
Windfall Lake - Site #1-Lower213136 Map 2024 Details
Windfall Lake - Site #2-Upper213157 Map 2024 Details