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Lake Monitoring Reports

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Location: Last Monitored:
Station NameStation IDMapMost Recent DataReports
Bean Lake - Deep Hole283120 Map 1996 Details
Blue Spring Lake10021962 Map 2010 Details
Blue Spring Lake - Deep Hole283117 Map 2023 Details
Golden Lake - Deep Hole683123 Map 2023 Details
Green Isle Lake - Deep Hole283115 Map 1980 Details
Green Isle Lake - Green Isle Lake284001 Map 1979 Details
Hahn Lake - Deep Hole283118 Map 1980 Details
Hope Lake - Deep Hole283114 Map 2023 Details
Lake Koshkonong - Crescent Bay10043770 Map 2015 Details
Lake Koshkonong - Deep Hole Off South Shore283119 Map 2023 Details
Lake Koshkonong - Middle Of Lake543266 Map 2006 Details
Lake Koshkonong - N of Charley Bluff landing10022780 Map 2023 Details
Lake Ripley10014862 Map 2011 Details
Lake Ripley - Deep Hole283122 Map 2023 Details
Lake Ripley - Northshore10014831 Map 1994 Details
Lake Ripley - SE Bay10031763 Map 2020 Details
Lower Spring Lake - Deep Hole283201 Map 2023 Details
Lower Spring Lake - East (Herbicide Monitoring Site 1)10042077 Map 2017 Details
Lower Spring Lake - Lower Spring Lake284002 Map 1979 Details
Lower Spring Lake - Mid North (Herbicide Monitoring Site 3)10042079 Map 2017 Details
Lower Spring Lake - Mid South (Herbicide Monitoring Site 2)10042078 Map 2017 Details
Lower Spring Lake - NW (Herbicide Monitoring Site 5)10042080 Map 2017 Details
Lower Spring Lake - SW (Herbicide Monitoring Site 4)10042081 Map 2017 Details
Lower Spring Lake South Bay10030698 Map 2011 Details
Mud Lake - Center of Lake10043980 Map 2017 Details
Mud Lake - Deep Hole283202 Map 2023 Details
Red Cedar Lake - Deep Hole283223 Map 2023 Details
Ripley Lake - Ripley Lake284004 Map 1993 Details
Rock Lake - Deep Hole283123 Map 2023 Details
Rock Lake - Northern Part Of Lake10042269 Map 2015 Details
Rock Lake - Pier At Cedar Ln.10028912 Map 2008 Details
Rock Lake - Southern Part Of Lake10042270 Map 2015 Details
Rock River at Lake Koshkonong082 Map 1976 Details
Rome Millpond - Deep Hole283116 Map 2008 Details
Rome Millpond - East Basin10028929 Map 2022 Details