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Station NameStation IDMapMost Recent DataReports
Amacoy Lake - Deep Hole553068 Map 2023 Details
Amacoy Lake at South End553079 Map 1992 Details
Audie Lake at Deepest Point553107 Map 2004 Details
Bass Lake - BA-310039893 Map 2001 Details
Bass Lake - Deep Hole553166 Map 2015 Details
Bass Lake at Deepest Spot553112 Map 1994 Details
Bear Lake - Deep Hole554001 Map 1979 Details
Big Falls Flowage - Deep Hole553152 Map 2003 Details
Big Falls Flowage - Deep Hole553054 Map 2019 Details
Big Falls Flowage lower end10031188 Map 2010 Details
Big Falls Flowage middle area10031189 Map 2010 Details
Bog Lake at Deepest Spot553116 Map 1994 Details
Boot Lake - Deep Hole553123 Map 2006 Details
Bruce Pond (Round Lake)10022819 Map 2008 Details
Bruce Pond (Round Lake) sediment sample site10029955 Map 2009 Details
Bucks Lake - Bucks Lake554002 Map 1979 Details
Bull Moose Lake at Deep Spot553117 Map 1994 Details
Caley Lake at Deepest Point553110 Map 1994 Details
Chain Lake - Deep Hole553072 Map 2021 Details
Chain Lake - Ferndale Area10049493 Map 2023 Details
Chippewa River - Cth D093120 Map 2014 Details
Chippewa River - Holcombe Flowage163 Map 1994 Details
Chippewa River - Holcombe Flowage - at Mouth of Jump River095045 Map 2005 Details
Chippewa River - Upstream Of Amacoy L553086 Map 1994 Details
Clear Lake - Deep Hole553071 Map 2023 Details
Corbett Lake - Near Center East Bsn553121 Map 1997 Details
Corbett Lake - Nr Center W Bsn553122 Map 1997 Details
Dairyland Flowage - Dairyland Flowage553058 Map 1976 Details
Dairyland Flowage lower end10031191 Map 2010 Details
Dairyland Flowage middle area10031190 Map 2010 Details
Dairyland Reservoir - Deep Hole553154 Map 2020 Details
Fireside Lakes - Mud Lake-Deep Hole553148 Map 2001 Details
Fireside Lakes - Rice Lake - Deep Hole553120 Map 2001 Details
Fireside Lakes_General Lake Station10014933 Map 2007 Details
Fish Lake - Fish Lake554003 Map 1979 Details
Fish Lake - Near Center553147 Map 2007 Details
Flambeau River at Riverside Cemetery553073 Map 1998 Details
Holcombe Flowage - 300 Yards Upstream Of Hwy M Bridge093102 Map 2023 Details
Holcombe Flowage - Hwy 27 Ramp10015057 Map 2022 Details
Holcombe Flowage - Near Island in the Middle of the Main Lake10039137 Map 2022 Details
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