Koshkonong Creek Targeted Watershed Assessment, Jefferson, Rock & Walworth Counties


This project involved the evaluation of Koshkonong Creek HUC 10 which includes 5 HUC 12 subwatersheds (070900020401-05). The study includes collecting biological, habitat, flow, and AIS data at all stations.Data for this HUC 10 is outdated. Read the Koshkonong Creek Targeted Watershed Assessment


Collect fish wadeable IBI data at 20-25 stations, Fish non wadeable IBI data at one location near mouth, Macroinvertebrates at 20 stations. DNI samples at 8 stations. Flow at all sampling locations (20-25). AIS forms at all locations (20-25). Habitat- Qual at all locations (20-25). Sites / stations will be determined via computer and a field recon day..


The study results will be summarized in short write ups on the HUC12's to summarize biology and habitat and entry of all data into proper databases. Also there will be a powerpoint presentations to Rock River Coalition and RR TMDL sector team meetings. Provide data for updating 303d listing if metrics are exceeded. 2018 listing cycle and a summary water quality plan..

Study Design

Collect the following data: Fish Wadeable IBI data at 20-25 stations Fish Non Wadeable IBI data at one location near mouth Macroinvertebrates at 20 stations DNI samples at 8 stations Flow at all sampling locations (20-25) AIS forms at all locations (20-25) Habitat- Qual at all locations (20-25) Sites/ Stations will be determined on computer and field recon day.

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Targeted Watershed Approach
Evaluation (TP SSC, Stressor, Bioassess)
Reports and Documents
Koshkonong Creek Targeted Watershed Assessment: A Water Quality Plan to Protect Wisconsin Watersheds, 2020. Monitored in 2015/16. EGAD #3200-2020-05
Koshkonong Creek TWA 2016-2018 Natural Community Validation Combined. James reviewed all of Mike Sorge's sites and updated all information.
Targeted Watershed Evaluation Project: South TWA 2016, HUC 0709000204
Lake Koshkonong Creek Businessmens Association
Activities & Recommendations
Monitor Targeted Watershed Area (TWA)
Monitor or Assess Watershed Condition