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Hunter Survey
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   Every year following the close of firearm and archery deer seasons, randomly selected hunters are surveyed in an effort to measure hunter participation, success, effort and attitudes on various potential changes to season frameworks. Survey results can be found here: Deer Hunting Questionnaire For additional Information….
These are typically surveys that are used to measure annual variation in hunter participation, hunter effort, hunter techniques, and hunter opinions on current and potential season frameworks.
Collection and analysis methods
Hunter harvest/effort surveys are typically mail surveys conducted at the end of the hunting seasons. A random selection of survey participants is sent a survey asking questions about the past hunting season. Typically questions pertaining to hunter participation, effort, techniques, interference, and satisfaction are asked.
Using the metric
Results can and do fluctuate from year to year as deer densities, permit levels, hunter effort, weather, rule changes, season length, hunter selection, and hunter efforts change. Comparing yearly variations may have some value, while comparing year to year variations to the long-term mean or long-term trend will more likely produce more meaningful and reliable results.
Limitations and precautions
Hunter surveys are subject to hunter and response biases which are difficult to measure and mostly unaccounted for. Lightly hunted or unhunted areas are not likely being represented by the small size of the sample taken for these areas.
Future needs
Increasing response rates and increasing volunteerism will also produce more reliable results at a finer scale.
Additional background materials related to this metric
Most harvest and hunter survey reports are available for viewing on the Wisconsin DNR website: Wildlife Survey Reports

For questions on this deer metric data contact:
Brian Dhuey 608-219-8496 Brian.Dhuey@wisconsin.gov