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Issuance & Success
   A variety of antlerless tags are available to hunters each year. The number of antlerless tags issued is tracked, and since 2016 the department can also determine which tag type (Farmland Zone vs. Metro sub-zone vs. bonus tag) was used when registering each deer. Doing so provides the ability to determine the overall hunter success of each tag. This information is then used the following year when setting antlerless tag levels designed to hit a unit's desired antlerless harvest (quota). For additional Information….
Data is summarized from antlerless tag issuance and license sales.
Collection and analysis methods
Starting in 2014 with the implementation of the Deer Trustee Report, antlerless permits were of two main types, Farmland and Bonus antlerless deer tags. Farmland tags are only valid in the DMU and land type specified, and are issued per each license type (gun or archery) free of charge at the time of sale. While there is a limit on the number of tags an individual hunter can receive (0-3 in 2016) there is no limit on the total number of tags that can be issued in any one DMU. Hunters must identify the deer management unit and whether they wanted the tag to be valid for public or private lands. Tags are not weapon specific.

Bonus antlerless deer tags are available in any unit in the state that had an antlerless quota. Where available, bonus antlerless tags may be purchased at the rate of one tag, per person, per day until the unit is sold out or the hunting season ends. Although tags are not weapon or season specific, they are unit and land-type (public or private) specific. They are usually of a limited number and made available in Mid-August on a first come first served bases. Bonus tags are $5.00 for 10 and 11 year olds, $12.00 for residents and $20.00 for the nonresidents.
Using the metric
Limitations and precautions
Comparing success rates from 2016 to previous years should be done with MUCH caution. Permit numbers in years prior can and do contain disabled and military antlerless tags as well and may be slightly inflated. Antlerless harvest data in 2014 and 2015 contains data from deer shot under statewide youth authority and is causing the success rate to be inflated.
Future needs
There are no future needs at this time.
Additional background materials related to this metric
Antlerless tag availability and issuance can be found here: http://dnr.wi.gov/Permits/bonusavailability.html

Issuance & Success
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