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Boat Landings - Invasive Species Signs

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LandingWatercraft Inspection
Station NameStation IDCountyMapSign InstalledMost Recent VisitActive Volunteers?Graphs
70th St Boat Landing - White Ash Lake10056757Polk Map 2022  
Ada Lake -- Access10020025Langlade Map  2011  Details
Adams Lake -- Access10018238Portage Map 20102014  Details
Ahnapee River -- Olsen Park10019462Kewaunee Map 20192018  Details
Alabama Lake Access North Shore10054003Polk Map 2022  
Alder Lake -- Carry-In Access10039016Vilas Map 2021  
Alexander Flowage -- Access10018630Lincoln Map  2023  Details
Alexander Lake - Access at Rock Bar off of HWY 10710053897Lincoln Map 2020  
Alexander Lake -- Access10019029Lincoln Map  2023  Details
Alexander Lake -- Access10018995Lincoln Map 2020  
Alexander Lake -- E Alexander Lake Rd Access10047900Douglas Map 2013  
Alice Lake -- Access10018767Lincoln Map 20122010  Details
Allequash Lake -- Access10018458Vilas Map 20202018  Details
Allequash Springs -- Carry-In Access10019704Vilas Map 2020  
Alma Lake -- Ramp10019860Vilas Map 2021  
Alva Lake -- Access10019978Oneida Map 20212019  Details
Amacoy Lake -- Access10018044Rusk Map 20232011  Details
Amber Lake -- Access Nr W Squaw Lake Rd10018824Oneida Map 20112020  Details
Ament Lake -- Access10020368Lincoln Map    
Amnicon Lake -- Access10019494Douglas Map 20222018Y Details
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