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Boat Landings - Invasive Species Signs

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LandingWatercraft Inspection
Station NameStation IDCountyMapSign InstalledMost Recent VisitActive Volunteers?Graphs
Ucil Lake -- Access10018961Oconto Map 2013  
Underwood Lake -- Access10018724Oconto Map 2019  
Unnamed 1184900 - Sand Creek Road Bridge10057127Crawford Map    
Unnamed Creek at Rockvale Road10047319Jefferson Map    
Unnamed Creek crossing Southgate Dr10053071Fond du Lac Map    
Unnamed Lake -- Access10019876Washburn Map  2013  Details
Unnamed Lake -- Little Ripley Lake Ramp10019889Washburn Map  2006 
Unnamed Stream (14900) Weatherly Drive10054100Milwaukee Map    
Unnamed Trib to Kankapot at Harwood Rd Culvert10054021Calumet Map    
Unnamed Trib to Kankapot at Schmidt Rd. Culvert10054022Calumet Map    
Unnamed Trib to Plum Creek at Dundas Rd.10054023Calumet Map    
Upper Buckatabon Lake -- Access10019371Vilas Map 20202019Y Details
Upper Camelot - Private Landing - off County D10030158Adams Map  2011  Details
Upper Clam Lake - Clam Lake - Access10019200Ashland Map 20232011  Details
Upper Devils Lake -- Access10018134Barron Map  2007 
Upper Eau Claire Lake -- Access at Peninsula Road10019213Bayfield Map 20212023Y Details
Upper Genesee Lake -- Access10017601Waukesha Map 20232023  Details
Upper Gresham Lake -- Access10018647Vilas Map 20202013Y Details
Upper Kelly Lake - Access off S Kurtz Road10051128Milwaukee Map    
Upper Lake - Beecher Lake -- Access Nr End Of Lake Ln10020168Marinette Map 2021  
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