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LandingWatercraft Inspection
Station NameStation IDCountyMapSign InstalledMost Recent VisitActive Volunteers?Graphs
Jack Lake -- Access10019015Langlade Map 20212011  Details
Jack Oak Slough -- Jack Oak Road Boat Ramp10030885Grant Map 2013  
Jag Lake -- Ramp10018830Vilas Map 2020  
Jean Lake -- Boat Ramp10019832Vilas Map 2020  
Jefferson Co. CTY RD E 1000 ft west of Rock River10048019Jefferson Map    
Jefferson Co. Co HWY B 45 m west of Willow Glen Rd10048025Jefferson Map    
Jefferson Co. Concord Center Dr 250 m south of I-9410048026Jefferson Map    
Jefferson Co. Gopher Hill Rd 326m east of HWY 16 intersection10048034Jefferson Map    
Jefferson Co. Gopher Hill Rd 521 m east of Hustisford Rd.10048020Jefferson Map    
Jefferson Co. Gopher Hill Rd 692m west of Hustisford Rd10048036Jefferson Map    
Jefferson Co. HWY 16 100m east of Dunn Ln10048039Dodge Map    
Jefferson Co. HWY 16 129m SE of T-Bar Ln intersection10048112Jefferson Map    
Jefferson Co. HWY 16 252m SE of Gopher Hill Rd Intersection10048032Jefferson Map    
Jefferson Co. Hustisford Rd 71 m NE of HWY 1610048016Jefferson Map    
Jefferson Co. Hustisford Rd 86m north of Gopher Hill Rd10048038Jefferson Map    
Jefferson Co. Johnson Creek bridge on Co HWY B 388 m north of Lake Dorothy Ln10048081Jefferson Map    
Jefferson Co. Northside Dr. 193 m east of Woody Ln Dr.10048054Jefferson Map    
Jefferson Co. Rockvale Rd bridge at Rock River10048052Jefferson Map    
Jefferson Co. Woody Ln 204 m west of Tamarack Ct10048021Jefferson Map    
Jennie Webber Lake -- Access10018719Oneida Map 2021  
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