Trout fishing in WisconsinVernon County classified trout streams

Official Waterbody NameLocal Waterbody NameStart MileEnd MileTrout ClassCountiesMap Link
Barton Hollow CreekBarton Hollow CreekCLASS IVernonMap Link
Bear CreekBear Creek (Lower)0.001.92CLASS IIIVernonMap Link
Billings CreekBillings Creek0.0015.20CLASS IIMonroe,VernonMap Link
Bishop BrBishop Branch0.004.20CLASS IVernonMap Link
Bishop BrBishop Branch4.215.58CLASS IVernonMap Link
Chadwick Hollow CreekChadwick Hollow Creek0.572.59CLASS IIVernonMap Link
Champion Valley CreekChampion Valley Creek1.246.44CLASS IIIVernonMap Link
Cheyenne Valley CreekCheyenne Valley Creek0.007.60CLASS IIVernonMap Link
Coe Hollow CreekCoe Hollow Creek0.000.40CLASS IVernonMap Link
Coe Hollow CreekCoe Hollow Creek0.923.67CLASS IVernonMap Link
Cook CreekCooks Creek0.003.87CLASS IVernonMap Link
Cooley CreekCooley Creek0.006.57CLASS ICrawford,VernonMap Link
Coon CreekCoon Creek0.0013.81CLASS IIIVernonMap Link
Coon CreekCoon Creek13.8126.76CLASS IIVernon,La CrosseMap Link
Cox CreekCox Creek0.002.60CLASS IVernonMap Link
Crouch Valley CreekCrouch Valley Creek0.000.11CLASS IIMonroe,VernonMap Link
Crouch Valley CreekCrouch Valley Creek0.112.85CLASS IIVernonMap Link
Day CreekDay Creek0.004.65CLASS IVernonMap Link
Elk CreekElk Creek0.001.91CLASS IVernonMap Link
Elk CreekElk Creek1.916.20CLASS IRichland,VernonMap Link
Elk RunElk Run0.003.00CLASS IIVernonMap Link
Greenwood Valley CreekGreenwood Valley Creek0.000.50CLASS IIRichland,VernonMap Link
Greenwood Valley CreekGreenwood Valley Creek0.505.69CLASS IIIVernonMap Link
Harrison CreekHarrison Creek0.007.25CLASS IIIVernonMap Link
Hasley CreekHasley Creek0.004.18CLASS IIIVernonMap Link
Hay Valley CreekCreek 22-8 (Hay Valley Creek)0.003.02CLASS IVernonMap Link
Hohlfeld Coulee CreekHohlfield Coulee Creek (20-16)0.004.54CLASS IVernonMap Link
Hornby CreekHornby Creek0.009.59CLASS IVernonMap Link
Johnnycake Hollow CreekJohnnycake Hollow CreekCLASS IIVernonMap Link
Kickapoo RiverKickapoo River43.8061.03CLASS IICrawford,VernonMap Link
Kickapoo RiverKickapoo River61.0391.14CLASS IIRichland,VernonMap Link
Kickapoo RiverKickapoo River91.14107.83CLASS IIMonroe,VernonMap Link
Knapp CreekKnapp Creek0.007.47CLASS IIIVernonMap Link
Lindahl CreekLindahl Creek0.006.02CLASS IVernonMap Link
Maple Dale CreekMaple Dale Creek (Creek 2-3)0.003.49CLASS IVernonMap Link
Melancthon CreekMelancthon Creek3.976.76CLASS IRichland,VernonMap Link
Melancthon CreekMelancthon Creek6.767.59CLASS IVernonMap Link
Melancthon CreekMelancthon Creek7.598.28CLASS IVernonMap Link
Middle Bear CreekBear Creek (Middle)0.002.17CLASS IIIVernonMap Link
Middle Bear CreekMiddle Bear Creek2.173.64CLASS IIRichland,VernonMap Link
Newman Valley CreekNewman Valley Creek0.001.58CLASS IVernonMap Link
North Bear CreekNorth Bear Creek0.006.44CLASS IIIVernonMap Link
North Fork Bad Axe RiverEsofea Branch12.1517.70CLASS IIVernonMap Link
North Fork Bad Axe RiverNorth Fork Bad Axe River18.4031.17CLASS IIVernonMap Link
Norwegian Hollow CreekNorwegian Hollow Cr.0.005.16CLASS IVernonMap Link
Otter CreekOtter Creek0.007.32CLASS IIIVernonMap Link
Plum RunPlum Run0.001.85CLASS IVernonMap Link
Reads CreekReads Creek (Black Bottom Cr)0.008.87CLASS IVernonMap Link
Rocky RunRocky Run0.014.07CLASS IVernonMap Link
Rullands Coulee CreekRullands Coulee Creek0.005.81CLASS IMonroe,VernonMap Link
Rush CreekRush Creek1.3012.53CLASS IICrawford,VernonMap Link
Rush CreekRush Creek12.5317.45CLASS IIVernonMap Link
Seas BranchSeas Branch0.002.70CLASS IVernonMap Link
Seas BranchSeas Branch2.706.06CLASS IVernonMap Link
Seymour CreekSeymour Creek6.4811.49CLASS IIIMonroe,VernonMap Link
Sherry CreekSherry Creek0.004.02CLASS IIVernonMap Link
Sidie Hollow CreekSidie Hollow Creek0.003.62CLASS IIVernonMap Link
South Bear CreekSouth Bear Creek0.002.49CLASS IIRichland,VernonMap Link
South Bear CreekSouth Bear Creek2.494.43CLASS IIRichland,VernonMap Link
South Branch CreekSouth Br Creek (S Br Baraboo)1.259.44CLASS IIIVernonMap Link
South Fork Bad AxeSouth Fork Bad Axe River0.0022.03CLASS IIIVernonMap Link
Spring Coulee CreekSpring Coulee Creek0.009.05CLASS IVernonMap Link
Springville Br Bad Axe RiverBad Axe River, Springville Branch0.0012.30CLASS IVernonMap Link
Tainter CreekTainter Creek2.4515.03CLASS ICrawford,VernonMap Link
Tenny Spring CreekSouth Jug Creek0.002.50CLASS IVernonMap Link
Timber Coulee CreekTimber Coulee Creek0.003.23CLASS IVernon,La CrosseMap Link
Timber Coulee CreekTimber Coulee Creek3.246.27CLASS IVernon,La CrosseMap Link
Timber Coulee CreekTimber Coulee Creek6.2810.94CLASS IVernonMap Link
Twentyfour Valley CreekTwenty-Four Valley Creek0.003.44CLASS IIIVernonMap Link
UnnamedChipmunk Creek (3-6)0.008.97CLASS IVernon,La CrosseMap Link
UnnamedCreek 1-50.002.06CLASS IRichland,VernonMap Link
UnnamedCreek 17-70.003.13CLASS IIIVernonMap Link
UnnamedCreek 19-30.002.49CLASS IVernonMap Link
UnnamedCreek 19-7 (Trib To Rush Creek)0.002.44CLASS IICrawford,VernonMap Link
UnnamedCreek 2-3 (Pine Hollow Creek)0.001.42CLASS IIIVernonMap Link
UnnamedCreek 2-40.000.99CLASS IIVernonMap Link
UnnamedCreek 2-40.993.37CLASS IIIVernonMap Link
UnnamedCreek 23-10.002.28CLASS IIIVernonMap Link
UnnamedCreek 25-110.002.29CLASS IVernonMap Link
UnnamedCreek 31-30.003.30CLASS IIIVernonMap Link
UnnamedCreek 35-10 (Pine Hollow Creek)0.002.43CLASS IVernonMap Link
UnnamedCreek 4-120.003.35CLASS IIIVernonMap Link
UnnamedCreek 5-100.002.18CLASS IVernonMap Link
UnnamedCreek 6-11 T11n R3w0.003.22CLASS IVernonMap Link
UnnamedCreek 6-1c0.002.33CLASS IVernonMap Link
UnnamedCreek 7-30.001.66CLASS IIVernonMap Link
UnnamedCreek 7-80.001.53CLASS IVernonMap Link
UnnamedFrohock Creek0.024.39CLASS IVernonMap Link
UnnamedFrohock Creek (Creek 15-14)0.001.32CLASS IVernonMap Link
UnnamedHincks Creek0.004.43CLASS IIIVernonMap Link
UnnamedJersey Valley Creek0.001.71CLASS IIIVernonMap Link
UnnamedLocal Water0.001.86CLASS IIIVernonMap Link
UnnamedMcgraw Cr (18-3)(T11nr4w18-13)0.004.59CLASS IVernonMap Link
UnnamedPoplar Creek0.000.59CLASS IVernonMap Link
UnnamedRundahl Creek0.003.44CLASS IVernonMap Link
UnnamedSpring Coulee Cr (16-5)0.004.56CLASS IVernonMap Link
UnnamedTributary to Reads Creek0.001.47CLASS IVernonMap Link
UnnamedUn. Trib. to Coon Creek (14N6W, Sec. 12)0.002.66CLASS IVernon,La CrosseMap Link
UnnamedUn. Trib. to Coon Creek (14N6W, Sec. 24)0.003.21CLASS IVernonMap Link
UnnamedUn. Trib. to Coon Creek (mouth @ Coon Valley)0.002.02CLASS IVernonMap Link
UnnamedUn. Trib. to N. Fork Bad Axe ((13N5W, Sec. 3)0.003.65CLASS IVernonMap Link
UnnamedUn. Trtib. to N. Fork Bad Axe (14N5W, Sec. 11)0.003.64CLASS IVernonMap Link
UnnamedUn. trib. to W. Fork Kickapoo (14N4W, Sec. 25)0.003.44CLASS IVernonMap Link
UnnamedUn. trib. to W. Fork Kickapoo River(14N,3W, sec. 29)0.003.61CLASS IVernonMap Link
Warner BrWarner Branch0.005.27CLASS IIIVernonMap Link
Warner CreekWarner Creek0.0010.59CLASS IIVernonMap Link
Weister CreekWeister Creek0.009.05CLASS IVernonMap Link
West Branch Baraboo RiverWest Br Baraboo River9.3015.79CLASS IIIVernonMap Link
West Fork Kickapoo RiverW. Fork Kickapoo River0.0010.34CLASS IIVernonMap Link
West Fork Kickapoo RiverW. Fork Kickapoo River10.3422.02CLASS IVernonMap Link
West Fork Kickapoo RiverWest Fork Kickapoo River0.003.01CLASS IVernonMap Link
Winchell Valley CreekWinchell Valley Creek0.003.93CLASS IMonroe,VernonMap Link
Winchell Valley CreekWinchell Valley Creek0.002.26CLASS IVernonMap Link
Wing Hollow CreekWing Hollow Creek0.004.64CLASS IIIVernonMap Link